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Is the Triple Superstar team becoming reality?

Posted on: July 7, 2010 11:51 am
Edited on: July 7, 2010 11:54 am
About  an hour ago, Ken Berger reported that the Miami Heat, having locked up Chris Bosh as their power forward of the future next to Dwyane Wade, have turned their attentions to LeBron James in an attempt to create what can only be termed a "superteam." The prospect of the three playing together in Miami, Chicago, Cleveland, Timbuktu or the moon is the kind of concept that leaves every other general manager in the league waking up nights in a cold sweat. And according to the sources in KB's story, the push is hard.

Now, Chad Ford of reports via Twitter that a conference call was held this morning between Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and James. The call had been previously reported by several outlets. But the key is that Ford reports the three discussed the exact scenario Berger laid out. If Wade and Bosh were able to make a successful pitch, when combined with Pat Riley showing James his ring during their meeting to drive the point home, then it's actually possible.

You know.

LeBron James. Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh. Together. (Along with Mario Chalmers or Michael Beasley, depending on who winds up in a sign-and-trade, but let's try and ignore them for now.)

The idea is terrifying. It would realign the NBA for the next five years. The Heat could literally drag 10 guys off the D-League and contend very seriously for a championship. (I can even give you names.) The Lakers and possibly the Celtics would be the only teams with a core built to overpower them, provided the three trying to play together wasn't an outright disaster. They would create matchup problems every single time down the floor and the marketing possibilities are endless. With Bosh as a low-post passer and scorer, Wade running the system and James doing everything he does, it would be the most terrifying combination of talent we've seen since the heydays of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers dynasties of the 80's.

There's a lot that would need to happen and the possibility is still remote of it occurring. Financially, logistically, practically, the chances of this occurring are not high. But there's been significant movement in the past 24 hours to suggest the conversation is on the table and being heavily considered by all parties involved.

For James, it would require a massive step down from the lofty porch of being the one-and-only top dog. He would be coming to a situation where one or all of the Big 3 are going to take a pay cut, and it may end up being him based on Wade and Bosh getting their deals done first. It would also mean going into a town where Wade is King, heavily involved in the community at both a service and business level, embedded in all marketing extensions of the Heat. But it wouldn't take long for revisions to take place to start pushing the three as an independent entity, capable of individual deals and combination partnerships and sponsorships that might dwarf anything James could get on his own, no matter the zip code. People love winners, and by all accounts, that team would win a lot .

It's a shattering concept that could shape the fact of the league for years to come. It's still a remote possibility, with Cleveland firmly the front-runner to bring the King back home. However, if I'm a rival GM in this league, I'm praying to whatever deity I subscribe to that this doesn't happen.

A Triple-Superstar Heat team?

That would be the biggest bang of all in a free agency period full of them.

-Matt Moore

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