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LeBron announcement may have New York ties

Posted on: July 7, 2010 3:42 pm
Edited on: July 7, 2010 5:59 pm
All of Cleveland, I want you to click away. Go read KB talking about Kevin Durant. Or the Browns. Something. But you don't need to read this, it will do you no good, and probably doesn't mean anything anyway.

Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer has indicated that where LeBron James holds his announcement about free agency tomorrow night will not be an indication of his decision . That said, along side the information about New York rising up the chart we brought you earlier, there's been an interesting wrinkle come out of the woodwork.

Frank Isola of the NY Daily News reports an uncomfirmed rumor that James is making the announcment from the home of Alan Houston. This vibes with what Windhorst also tweeted today about the announcement coming from Greenwich, Conneticut (Houston lives in Greenwich). Greenwich, if you didn't know, it widely considered a New York suburb.

UPDATE: Allen Hahn of Newsday reports the same .

If James were returning home, why would he make the announcement from the home of a former Knicks? Even if an alternative rumor Isola suggests, that the announcment is coming from a Boys and Girls Club in town, is correct, why would James announce from a New York suburb that he's returning to Cleveland? Why not stay home and make the announcement from Akron? Or if he's headed to Miami, why not from South Beach in Dwyane Wade's home?

Maybe just to mess with us.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that James is dropping hints to throw people off. There have been no indications outside of these types of ancillary indications that James is considering anything but Miami or Cleveland, and mostly just Cleveland. Throw in the fact that Windhorst also reported (again, via Twitter) that James is filming segments around Akron for part of his website, and you have a perplexing look at what's going on.

James may have a plan in place, a decision made, he may not. But the way things are shaping up, one thing's certain. The speculation won't end until 9p.m. EST tomorrow night.

-Matt Moore


Since: Nov 10, 2006
Posted on: July 8, 2010 12:18 pm

LeBron announcement may have New York ties

I find it funny the majority of people saying he's staying with the Cavaliers......ARE CAVALIERS FANS!!!

People, it's time to wake up, LeBron is coming to the Knicks and I've been saying it for weeks.  It is the ONLY decision that makes sense for him, but first let's rule out the competition.

Miami-  Yes, today everybody is saying he's "leaning towards Miami".  NO HE'S NOT!  Yes, the guy wants to win championships, but he wants to build his BRAND, he wants to be a billionaire and a global icon.....Wade already has 1 championship, so if they all stayed together and (let's pretend) won 5 championships together, Wade would STILL have 6!!  Wade would always have one up on LeBron, so LeBron wouldn't even BE in a discussion with MJ and Kobe.  Add in the fact they have NOBODY around them and not much flexibility either, unless they're able to dump off Beasley, and there really is no reason for LeBron to go to Miami UNLESS the only thing he cares about is winning a championship (he's said time and time again he wants to be a billionaire and the most recognized basketball player ever).  He's not going to Miami.

Chicago- Don't think LeBron forgot how Boozer left the Cavs high and dry.  Don't downplay the fact that Chicago is JORDAN'S TOWN and will ALWAYS BE!  Unless LeBron knows he can win six and at least MATCH Jordan, why would he wanna go there to eternally remain in Jordan's shadow....this is all about LeBron SURPASSING everything that Jordan has done.  Add in the fact that Rose NEEDS the ball to be effective and I just don't see the fit....the most appealing thing about Chicago is their roster, but I don't think that's going to get it done.

Clippers- The fact they would ever be in this discussion is silly, LeBron is not going to the Clippers, I'll put my life savings on it.

New Jersey- Intriguing because of the Jay-Z ties. They have a good young nucleus and some cap flexibility. Their owner has global ties which could significantly help LeBron's "brand" and "global icon" aspirations.  Only knock on them is they're guaranteed to play in Newark,NJ (used to live in NJ, Newark isn't exactly the nicest area) for at least 2 seasons and their Brooklyn arena continues to be delayed.

Cleveland- The ONLY reason for him to stay in Cleveland is the "hometown" thing.  Yes, they had the best record in the league last year, but it was QUITE APPARENT LeBron needed help in the playoffs.  Shaq is gone, Z is trash, Jamison didn't provide that "boost" they thought he would....the roster is just getting OLDER.  They also have no cap room and the only semi-stars they've gotten have been through trades....oh yeah, and the knife to the jugular for Cavs fans is this: BOSH wanted to play with LeBron, JUST NOT IN CLEVELAND!  Bosh turned down an extra year and $30 million (had he agreed to a sign-and-trade) to STAY AWAY from Cleveland.  If you don't think that's a smack in the face to LeBron you're delusional.  Cleveland fans, I'm sorry, accept reality. 

New York- First off, everyone wants to knock the Knicks roster.....Wilson Chandler is a  young talent whose only gotten better every year....Gallinari is one of the best 3-point shooters in the league and last year was his FIRST healthy season.  Toney Douglas is a decent pg who plays good defense and can knock down his shot. Bill Walker is young and showed some great flashes down the stretch for us last year.  OH YEAH, and how about a SIDEKICK for LeBron in A'MARE STOUDAMIRE!  LeBron/Stoudamire/knicks bench is better than Wade/Bosh and Miami's bench.  The worst part about their roster is Eddy Curry, BUT, he has an $11.2 million contract expiring after this year, so either A) the Knicks can trade him for a couple of pieces or B) they can leave his fat-a$$ on the bench and use that money NEXT summer to sign someone else (Carmelo Anthony? Tony Parker?) NOBODY has as much cap flexibility NOW and NEXT YEAR as the Knicks do.  People wanna knock Knicks management?? How about the job Donnie Walsh has done getting rid of horrible contracts to clear all this space to re-vamp the roster....I never saw Danny Ferry do as good a job as Donnie Walsh.  Next up, D'Antoni coached LeBron on the USA team and players LOVE to play in his system.  If LeBron wants to average a triple-double, there's no better coach in the business to do that with than him. Add in the fact LeBron has stated several times NY is his favorite city....add in the fact it was LEBRON at a CLEVELAND INDIANS game wearing a NY YANKEES hat...also during the Knicks presentation,they presented him with a study that showed if he wants to be a Billionaire, the ONLY place he could achieve it is in the NY market....add in the fact that every player loves to play at Madison Square Garden (The World's Most Famous Arena)....add in the fact he's doing his announcement about 15 minutes from the Knicks training facility in CT (I don't wanna hear the BS about Carmelo's wedding, sorry that doesn't fly,he could announce from Cleveland if he wanted to)....If he wants to be a "global icon", why not LIVE and play in the world's BIGGEST media market?  Oh that only makes too much sense huh? Well how bout this also:

Not only did Jared Dudley tweet he's heard LeBron is coming to the Knicks BUT wide receiver Chad OchoCinco (a good friend of Bron's) tweet on LeBron's page:

@KingJames big bruh can i break the news now or do i still have to wait?

Followed up by:

#OCNNBREAKINGNEWS *Empire State of Mind* *wink* *wink*only the smart folk will put this together and figure out what i am talking about #6

Empire State of Mind = song by Jay-Z which is about NEW YORK, and #6 will be LeBron's number.

All you NY haters will just have more ammo....the king is coming to rule the biggest city in the country.  IT'S IN THE BOOKS!

My odds:

NYK- 2-1
MIA- 5-1
CHI- 3-1
NJN- 3-1
CLE- 3.5-1

Since: Sep 21, 2009
Posted on: July 8, 2010 8:59 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties

Jared Dudley from the Suns called into TMZ Live and told them that LeBron informed the Knicks yesterday morning that he will be joining them. He said he was in the car with someone when they received a call stating just that. He said the call couldn't have been clearer "LeBron is signing with the Knicks". Whether he is full of it or not, I don't know, but it does add another layer to the increasing speculation that he will be a Knickerbocker by days end.

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Posted on: July 8, 2010 8:56 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties

Jared Dudley from the Suns reported to TMZ that LeBron told the Knicks yesterday morning that he is choosing them. He said he was in the car with someone(agent, NBA insider type) when they got a call telling them that. Whether he's full of it or not, but it does add another layer to the speculation that he could be a Knickerbocker by days end.

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Posted on: July 8, 2010 8:56 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties


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Posted on: July 8, 2010 1:53 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties

You're right we can't sleep on Tracy McGrady in NYC. He's been written off for so long because of injuries, but so was Grant Hill. We can't keep writing the guy off if he's determined to play. At some point he's going to overcome all of those obstacles. Last season was the beginning. If the Knicks can keep him under contract they'd have a nice little triangle of James-Stoudemire-McGrady.

I think your other point about the Bulls not being able to keep Rose and Noah under contract alongside LeBron is INSANE. Sure, money will be tight in a couple of years, but who in their right minds would walk away from LeBron and a stacked Chicago team in the middle of their dynasty????????????????????????????????

Oh, that's right, Carlos Boozer did it. You know... walked away from LeBron. But those were very different circumstances in 04-05 because LeBron's team kind of (gulp) sucked. And although Boozer is an intelligent man who attended Duke, he isn't in his right mind half the time when it comes to basketball. Boozer's all about the paycheck afterwards.

The Bulls might be out of the running, but it's not because the situation wouldn't have worked. It's because our front office acted like arrogant, poopy SOBs in their presentation to LeBron. We didn't appeal to his emotions like the Knicks and Nets did. Poop! Poop! Double poop!

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Posted on: July 8, 2010 1:52 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties

Well... apparently I might be retarded as ABC suggested. It seems he has chosen Miami, which I think he did after the cap numbers came out. Makes sense why we heard no numbers on Wade and Bosh. Makes no sense to me why they would not have annonced it all together with the Bosh and Wade coming out to join him after he said it. Feels like he's being the follower this way and going to Wade's team.

Good luck winning in Miami with only 3 players, Mario Chalmers and Weedsley. They will have no money to fill out the roster and I still think the Lakers depth will beat them. Lebron has no heart in the playoffs, Bosh can't play D and Wade is the true star. I may be done with the NBA. I think this is terrible for the league.

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Posted on: July 8, 2010 1:18 am

LeBron is coming to New York

    I'm going to say this once so i want everyone to read and listen to my logic in this. Lebron is COMING TO NEW YORK!!!  It's simple but much speculation recently has put this simplicity in the dark. The answer lies in what Lebron is, he is an amazing player, but most of all he is a business man, he wants the fame and money with his glory. New York is prime for his goals and dreams, and im not taking a bias approach. New York offers Lebron the opportunity to become the first player worth over a billion in contract with revenue from endorsements. He is given the opportunity to establish a dynasty in one of the biggest stages in the world, and the tools are there. WIth Amare and a healthy McGrady, there is a formidable lineup, with decent to good backups. On top of that next season New York losses 11.2 Million contract of that bum Eddie Curry. That will some extra cash lures a high value star (Carmelo). I promise you Walsh and Mike pitched this hard to Lebron. The stars are perfect for Lebron in New York.    Plus here is why other teams wont work:   Chicago: ok... they sign lebron to go with Noah, Rose, and Boozer. Bulls have to be a one year wonder because next year they won't have enough money to keep all of them, Rose or Noah or both would leave, and the Bulls would be in rebuilding  Cleveland: If Lebron decides to stay at home, he goes back to a team that had seven years to build a team. The last two years sure have been good but the supporting cast couldn't finish when it counted, and with no cap space and some old player, the Cavs would be in the same position as last year, with no ring Miami: This offer is very tempting. Go play with Bosh and Wade in Miami. I don't see it because first it would be seen as Lebron helping Wade build a dynasty. Second with Bosh in the picture, Miami doesn't have the space to offer all Max contracts and i know Lebron won't take a pay cut he wants to make money, the championship would be there, but the image and name Lebron had built wouldn't vibe in Miami, as he wouldn't be the leader Nets: No point in explaining, they won 12 games last year, Devin Harris is not the superstar he was earlier and there is no supporting cast. Sure Jay-z is friends but thats as close as the Nets are to even coming in Lebron's relm Clippers: Again, great pickup on Del Negro, but a team full of 1st rounders with no experience. Lebron wants to win, not have to wait for his team to catch up to him, second he probably doesn't want to share a market with Kobe.
   After going through this reasoning is easy to see that New York provides to best place for Lebron to get whatever he wants, it all depends if he wants to come.

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Posted on: July 8, 2010 12:49 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties

LeBron is making his announcement in the New York area because he's in NYC to attend Carmelo Anthony's wedding. leBron is not going anyware. He's going to remain a Cav for life!!!

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Posted on: July 8, 2010 12:28 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties


Not retarded. Realist. Rest of bench with Wil Chandler and a way improved Bill Walker is not sh*tty. Fields will surprise, Stanford Bigs always do. Rautins will excel in D'antoni system to just sit on the wing off the bench to drain 3s. Curry is crap. I agree. I think they'll put a serviceable big under contract for the season if Curry is Curry. He is in a contract year and has a habit of showing up when that is the case. He could buy into LBJ and Amar'e. Or he'll be deal at the deadline when some team is desperate to get under the cap for a shot at Parker, CP3, Melo, Deron Williams and the next FA class that is also pretty chock full of solid players.

Yeah, Fisher won 5 titles. Not b/c of Fisher. B/C of Kobe, Shaq, Pau, Odom... etc. BJ Armstrong won 3 titles with MJ. Are you saying that makes him a superstar? No chance. He was out of the league within what, 3 yrs after leaving the Bulls? Kobe and MJ brought those PGs titles. They were not prototypical PGs. They played solid D, off the ball and hit big jumpers when they got kicked the ball from their superstar teammates. Thats why Fisher has 5 rings.

Knicks with LBJ are not a title team yet, I never said that. I said it gives him a CHANCE. They are the only team that will be able to sign a max 3rd guy next year or use that max money on several needs. Guys will come there for less to play with LBJ/Amar'e for a chance at a ring with them. Like guys signed for less to try to win in Boston or LA. It happens when you have the studs in place. It will happen in NY.

Chicago is out. Bron effin hates Boozer after he left him at the altar in 04. Remember that? Verbal agreement to stay, Cavs let him out and he bolted for Jazz.

Miami ain't happening. Why would Wade and Bosh announce first and then Lebron wait 36 hrs to say he's joining them? Not his inner circle's style. It would've all been choreographed together or he would have announced first. Because he's an ego maniac like that. It's not good for his "brand" to follow to Miami, which is what he would be doing after the announced first.

Cleveland? Really? Bosh killed Cleveland by turning down an extra year and $30mil to go to South Beach for less. Stark, brutal reality to Lebron that the Cuyahoga Valley ain't attracting another stud. It hasn't in 7 yrs he's been there adn it still isn't.Only semi-star players they've gotten are through trade. Amar'e didn't even look there, Phoenix would've done a S&T with Cleveland in a heartbeat. Boozer totally screwed them over a few yrs ago to bolt fo SLC. Last time I checked, that ain't exactly the party mecca. Nonetheless, a beautiful city and one he bolted for as quickly as he could.

Retarded? I think not. Logical. Thought out. Just like Lebron's not-so-well kept secret. Greenwich CT ain't 10 miles from the Cavs practice facility last time I checked. Melo's wedding or not, he could've hopped on a plane from Cleveland and been in NY for late night partying had he decided to stay in Cleveland or scheduled the SHOW at 7PM and been on a charter by 830, out in NYC by 11P.

I state again, he's a Knick. Book it. Its the only play that makes sense.

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Posted on: July 8, 2010 12:06 am

LeBron announcement may have New York ties

I've been saying since day 1 of free agency, if James signs with NY, NJ or LAC, he is a hypocrite!  He has stated all along that all he cares about is winning!!  NY, NJ and LAC have no chance at winning any sooner than CLE does.  No matter where he goes, he will make his money with his endorsements, so, going to a big city like NY or CHI is irrelevant!

No offense to NY, NJ or LAC fans, but, if he does choose one of those teams, he and his agents aren't very smart!  Amare already made the mistake, he and James will not bring a contender to NY, right away.  They need a lot more supporting cast members to turn that ship around. Plus, they lost Duhon. NJ is coming off a 12 win season.....nuff said!
I think he's staying in Cleveland, but if not, Chicago would be his best option!

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