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Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

Posted on: July 8, 2010 11:33 pm
Edited on: July 8, 2010 11:42 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted a letter to Cavs fans regarding LeBron James on the team's website tonight, and it is truly shocking. In the letter, Gilbert lays into James (passively aggressively, never once using the word "LeBron" and using "James" only once) for what he refers to as a "cowardly betrayal. " He talks about the ridiculous spectacle of James' television special. He tells Cleveland fans they deserve more than the betrayal they received.

And then the kicker.

You see, he wrote in Comic Sans so that you would know he's serious.

Gilbert's letter is clearly an emotional reaction an emotional situation. The franchise, who they had specifically built the entire organization around, has left them. But to paint James' departure as a cowardly betrayal is a bit much. Danny Ferry had years to build a championship organization around the best player in basketball, and instead always opted for the safe way out. The easy route. The compromise value deal. Acquiring players like Wally Szczerbiak and Ben Wallace and even Antawn Jamison were safe moves that involved no real risk and yet never capitalized on the big move. Meanwhile, James saw the Lakers and Celtics win championships with all out moves to surround their best players with top tier talent.

Gilbert has taken control of his own message, and it's clear. LeBron James is dead to the Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland as far as he's concerned. James may not have wanted to burn bridges in his hometown, but tomorrow, he'll wake up and smell the smoke.

That part of his life is over. Forever.

(Read the full letter from Gilbert here .)


Since: Jul 12, 2010
Posted on: July 12, 2010 8:25 pm

Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

this owner had every right to voice his opinion.James tanked those last two games, forces the owner to fire their GM and head coach,would talk to return any phone calls from teams or the owner.then get on tv rubbing his decision in their faces.He knew during the playoffs that he was going to Miami.

Since: Jun 3, 2008
Posted on: July 12, 2010 4:17 pm

Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

Gilbert's a DONKEY!  I do think it was a bad move for Lebron to go to Miami (should have gone to Chicago), and I don't think "The Decision" was a bad thing at all - most of us loved the suspense and were entertained by it.  Gilbert's gone overboard here. 

He had 7 years to win with Lebron and couldn't do it.  He shouldn't be mad at anybody but himself.   He's screwed up and he knows it, and he's just trying to mask it with this tirade to the public, which in the end does nothing but make him look like a fool.

What he should have done was to thank him for 7 great years, for putting the Cavs back on the map, for being a model NBA player (unlike so many stars out there) and move on.  You had your chance, Dan...don't make this into anyone's fault but your own.

Since: Mar 17, 2009
Posted on: July 12, 2010 3:05 pm

Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

Dan Gilbert, you, sir, are a horses ass. I am a lifelong Cavs fan from the days of World. B. Free and continued to love the Cavs in the days of Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, et al. Loved the class act of a coach Lenny Wilkens. Was saddened that the Cavs fell to the basement of the league. The selection of LeBron turned out to be so huge for this organization. Year by year he helped grow this franchise into one of the most competetive teams in the league. Won multiple MVP's. Led the Cav's to Division Titles and NBA Championship games. The team you built around him is solid, not stellar, but solid.He was relied on to carry this team game-after-game, year-after-year. I have watched him make so many clutch shots from year one that it is impossible to deny him the title of the league's best player. He is the best player to play this game in my estimation. Maybe the televised forum of his decision was not the smartest vehicle to get the word out but that should tell you just how much this player is revered in the basketball world. No other player has commanded this kind of attention. How can you blame someone for taking a chance to sign with a team poised to win it all? How can you blame him for not signing with the Cav's when you have done little to bring in the talent it would have taken to assure him of your commitment to win? And now that he is gone you finally find the motivation to win. Why didn't you display this same kind of motivation over the past month when it could have really mattered? You, sir, have no class, no shame and are more selfish in your words than LeBron is in his desire. No one should have to play on your team (unless they are just poor, stupid or crap).

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 11:31 am

Poor Dan Gilbert actually believes it!

He gaurantees a championship before Miami? Really? If he couldn't win WITH Lebron, good luck! Danny boy should have spent some REAL money to build around the King. Antwan Jamison? 60 year old Shaq? Come on. What about Vince Carter? He was available. What about a trade for Carlos Boozer? The Jazz had to let him go for nothing! Come on Dan, get real. I PERSONALLY GARAUNTEE THAT IT WILL BE 10 YEARS BEFORE CLEVELAND SNIFFS THE FINALS!

Since: Nov 5, 2006
Posted on: July 12, 2010 7:24 am

Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

Dear Dan,

Great job at showing all of the Cavalier fans as well as the entire world that you are a complete and utter douche bag.  First of all, you should be thanking Lebron for the many years of service and everything he did for the team, not rip on him you ungrateful dick.  Second of all, I wouldn't bet a single cent that the Cavs win a title before Miami does.  Have fun going broke taking that to the bank, especially since any halfway decent player would have to be completely clueless to agree to play for you.  Good luck to you sir.

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 11:27 pm

Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

I agree with sharp shooter.  REAL sour grapes.  How do you turn on a guy that fast??  I've said this all along, I think James had every right to leave Cleveland, I don't however support the way he did it, but that doesn't mean he deserved the 4th grade temper tantrum that Dan Gilbert displayed!!
LeBron James really never had a wing man in Cleveland and some people are saying that Dan Gilbert is a winner in the NBA, weil he did 1 thing well, that was draft LeBron James!! How on Earth do people really think he's going to win a title before James? 
Good Luck to ya, you'll need it!

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 8:15 pm

Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

First of all lebron james is a homo.the man is so in love with himself its scary.he has talent but is far from the best player ever.i cant stand kobe bryant.i think many terrible things of him but i will watch bryant anyday over lebron.7 years with one team is a good run but giving up on them after losing in the playoffs is another.they had the best record in the nba last year so something was going right for them and for some reason this guy thinks that he is going to do so much better with 2 other stars.maybe they didnt think about the drama that will occur when one is the star and the other two are on the side of the court.i am a bulls fan so my next comment is not bias at all.the celtics are the only team that have managed to play and be successful with a team that had more than one star.i mean they are the only ones since the bulls managed it back then when mike was there.lebron will never be as good as him and to have lebron where his number pissed me off more than anything.he did not and does not deserve that.didnt anyone learn a lesson from the movie cars.after lighting mcqueen should have won the piston cup he stuck with his rusteze sponsors.they brought mcqueen up in the rankings and when he was given the choice to either go with the popular choice or the won that was there for him to introduce him to the i am not a little kid but i think that it is funny how some people act on here.oh and i know that i did everything in lowercase.oh well you can still read it and get my point.dan gilbert is the man for what he said.he gave lebron what he deserved for what he did.that was not a last minute decision.he knew he was going to hang them out to dry and strung them along for a ride.i do give lebron my best wishes that this season is far from great for him and that he can realize that sometimes there are more important things in the cavs fans out there, if the bulls dont make it then hopefully you do just to make that fool feel ridiculously stupid for his choice.gilbert is very right when he said that they will get a championship before james will.GO BULLS.oh yea and that baby powder crap just adds to lebron being a homo.its freaking baby powder it isnt that one freaks out when i through it in the air before my games

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 1:20 pm

Cavs owner eviscerates James for "betrayal"

These big mega stars need to remember how they are paid! The FANS

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 2:33 am

Dan Gilbert: What Were You Thinking?

Ever wanted to tell your boss to go bang rocks? Ever written an email that could've gotten you fired from your next three jobs? If the answer is yes, hopefully you had enough common sense to think twice and keep your mouth shut or hit delete. The same couldn't be said for Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Approximately three minutes after LeBron James announced to the world that he would be joining the Miami Heat, Dan-man fired up his laptop and composed one of the most lethal messages in recent memory. And by the time LeBron's joke of press conference (by the way, that was one of the lamest shams for a good cause that I've ever seen) was over, the letter to the fans of Cleveland was complete and in on its way. Dan Gilbert's common sense and good judgment fell way to anger and disappointment. Years of planning and preparation gone. His plans for the future were destroyed by a young, selfish superstar. And after punching a hole in a wall and kicking his cat, Dan did the only thing that would make him feel better. He wrote a letter. A letter that may have been as big of a mistake as trusting "The King" himself. Do I blame Gilbert? Not at all. Would I have done the same thing? Probably. But here's the thing: how do you attract millionaire basketball players to come to Cleveland in the middle of winter? You can't. And now Dan Gilbert comes off as a lunatic owner with an itchy email finger. No one in their right mind would play for the Cavs if given the choice. Players need to be pampered and coddled. Gilbert just proved that if you disappoint him, he will turn his back on you. That's not exactly the message that you want to send to the league after being devastated by Hurricane James.

Since: Apr 19, 2009
Posted on: July 10, 2010 1:38 am

Cleveland has the Craziest Gilbert in the NBA!

What a pathetic loser Dan Gilbert has proven to be!  You people in Cleveland ought to be throwing swords at Dan and not LaBron.  Had Danny Boy been able to provide a top notch player for their superstar this whole mess wouldn't have transpired.  If you had the Lakers, Celtics, or Magic GM's you'd have Gasol, Garnett, or Lewis and the rest would be history!  When LaBron signed only a 3 year deal you knew you had to make a giant move and get a legit running mate for LaBron, but Danny Boy couldn't deliver.  I applaud LaBron for realizing that you can't fly with the eagles when you hang with turkeys and Dan Gilbert is a turkey!  He proved what a lunatic he was by saying that he'd deliver the city of Cleveland a championship before the "King" would.  What sour grapes!  Whoever believes Dan should get a labotamy! Congratulations D.C., you don't have the craziest person in the NBA anymore - in fact you don't even have the craziest Gilbert!

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