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If the Hornets trade CP3, how do they get back?

Posted on: July 21, 2010 6:43 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2010 7:33 pm
Posted by Royce Young

The surfacing trade talk surrounding Chris Paul just seems crazy . How could the Hornets just let go of their franchise player? How could they give up one of the best players in the league? How could they give a potential all-time great?

Sometimes, it's not about what the team wants. It's about what the players demands. In some cases, there's just no way to stop a runaway train. And regardless of how things go down in New Orleans, the Hornets aren't going to let Paul go for free. They want, they need , something worthwhile in return.

Not only do the Hornets need to make a substantial deal just in basketball sense to replace Paul, but they're at risk of completely losing their fanbase as well. Chris Paul is the New Orleans Hornets. They have to make some sort of deal that can be somewhat justified to the fanbase, otherwise this may be the second death of basketball in New Orleans.

Take Minnesota for example. Kevin Garnett was the face of the franchise for 12 years before finally asking for a way out that led to him landing in Boston. The Wolves received Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green, a top-three protected draft pick (which turned into Wayne Ellington) and cash. How many of those players are still with Minnesota? Just Ellington who was taken in 2009. The Wolves still haven't recovered from the deal and honestly, no resurrection is currently within sight.

Another example of how things worked out better for a team departaing with their man was Toronto trading Vince Carter to New Jersey. In exchange, the Raptors received Alonzo Mourning, Eric Williams, Aaron Williams and two first-round draft picks (turned into Joey Graham and the second one was traded to New York) for their franchise player. The Raptors went the rebuilding route instead of trying to receive talent and though it took a little time, they recovered. Of course having Chris Bosh helped, but the point remains.

The thing is, the Hornets aren't going to be completely left floating aimlessly in the ocean if they trade CP3. Darren Collison had one of the most impressive rookie campaigns for a point guard in a while, and that was in a limited number of games filling in for the injured Paul. Last season Collison started only 37 games but averaged 12.4 points per game and 5.7 assists per game. He had 14 games with 10 or more assists and even dished out 20, 18 and 15 helpers in three games. For a rookie, that's quality stuff.

So the Hornets aren't looking to grab a point guard back in a deal. They need help on the inside since as Ken Berger mentioned, Emeka Okafor is going to most likely be included in the deal. New Orleans is a franchise that's always search for financial relief, so of course a hefty non-guaranteed contract (Erick Dampier cough cough) or at least a few expiring deals might suffice.

But they also want assets. Draft picks, and high ones at that. The Hornets are going to be left in rebuilding mode and likely can't sell their fanbase on a few expiring contracts and a a late first round pick. But they also need interior help and a scorer. Marcus Thornton has emerged as a candidate to potentially remedy the latter, but who can play inside for NOLA? David West? Julian Wright?

Even with Paul, the Hornets need help. The key in any deal sending the franchise somewhere else is that the returning package is the short road to rebuilding. A deal like what Matt Moore constructed involving Orlando is ideal . Some assets, an expiring contract and a couple quality players that can actually help on the floor in the near future.

The Hornets have two ways to go in a deal involving Paul. They can either be left the way Minnesota was, in shambles trying to find the new face of the team and scrambling to rebuild or grab assets and flexibility like Toronto and trust they'll find their way back.

Otherwise, the Hornets might not just be trading away Chris Paul, but basketball in their city as well.


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Posted on: July 23, 2010 10:52 pm

If the Hornets trade CP3, how do they get back?

chris paul cant leave new orleans if anything make a deal so he can stay.try by all means to get carmelo anthony playing with him. if that means letting go of david west and okafor then so be it or try any combo to get melo. chris needs a scoring wingman and power big men like tyson chandler was. just keep cp3.

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Posted on: July 23, 2010 2:11 pm

If the Hornets trade CP3, how do they get back?

Come on man, he clearly listed his teams of interest. Philly isn't one of them. 

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 1:08 pm

If the Hornets trade CP3, how do they get back?

As a person of color (and "yes" I know it whas no bearing on "anything") I'm sickened to my stomach by these high-priced prima dona's. I realize this is america, yes you have freedom of choice and movement. I live by one rule...don't like your job? Quit! You've got marketable skills? Take advantage of them. But "come on"..You guy's are'nt working a stockroom at Wal-Mart. You guy's hit, run, and throw? You don't save live's? You don't run into burning buildings. You don't protect from harm. You play kid's games? I level this charge at parent's as well as fan's. And not just minorities either. Parents of tennis prodigies. Parents of golf prodigies, and parents of hockey prodigies. You are as much to blame as anyone. Yes, all parents should instill desire for goals in their children. All parents should tell their children they're exceptional. But "no" parent should make their child think he/she is better than anyone else, That's where the Ryan Leafs, or JaMarcus Russells come from. In "my" opinion. As for us the fans? Most of us live payday to payday, but will still worship our local sports star by dropping $50-$100 at a local sports bar. Drop $100-$300 on team gear. And if we are fortunate enough, $200-$300 to actually attend an event. And for what? Watch self-serving men, who do little if anything in the community play a kids game? Until they see one of their own on another team get 5% more, and so wants either more, or to leave? I know I'm rambling? And it may be hard to follow my thoughts? So let me say this.....Chris Paul your city is "still" recovering! Somehow you bring enjoyment ot people who are "still" hurting! Stop the ^%%&$%  whining, and play that "kid's" game for the "millions" that they're paying up. But if it's "too" much for you to handle? Then...........QUIT!! I'm sure though he might not be as good as you? There's someone in a Wal-Mart stockroom wh'd be happy to take your spot.

This is "not" just directed at basketball players...I say the same to those who lace up skates. To those who hit, and catch a ball. To those who run with, or kick a ball. To "ALL" of those making millions. By playing a kids game? Earn your check. Serve and help your community, or those in need. Or "QUIT", and move on?  

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If the Hornets trade CP3, how do they get back?

The inmates are running the asylum. They choke their teams by demanding max money to feed their massive ego's yet demand more talent around them to win championships. You win two ways in this once great league, the way the spurs have by having savvy drafts that are made up of uber-talented yet classy players coupled with the occaisional FA addition of the sixth man variety, or the way the lakers and celtics do it, by taking advantage of lesser organizations via stealing their talent in head scratching trades,i.e.-gasol & KG. This league has seen enough of the latter but not enough of the former. It's time to take control David Stern. Your NBA is now a runaway train.

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 5:36 am

Here's what NO gets back for CP3

Here's a trade scenario that could work:
3-way deal involving Orlando, New Orleans, and Philadelphia
Orlando sends Vince Carter and Marcin Gortat to New Orleans, sends Jameer Nelson to Philadelphia.New Orleans sends Chris Paul to Orlando and Emeka Okafor to PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia sends Andre Iguodala to Orlando and Jason Kapono to New Orleans.
This would result in NO effectively getting a starting center, a veteran shooting guard to help with the development of Thornton and a versatile shooter to complement Collison, as well as ridding salary commitments to Okafor.
Philadelphia would receive a much needed PG and a decent center to put Brand back in his natural PF position.
The benefits to Orlando are obvious.

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 9:12 pm

Do you even "NO," NOs basketball?

I'm not a NO basketball fan, or even a NO sports fan in general, but you must have not seen a single game last year when CP3 was out with injuries.  Have you heard of their ROY candidate named Darren Collison at all?  Not saying he is equivalent to CP3, but if you are looking at statistics alone, he did pretty damn good trying to mimic CP3's numbers, and as only a rookie.  he may have started around half the games for them last season, had over 10 games with double-doubles, and while starting his avg steals per game was closer to 2, rather then his 1.0 for the season. 

He's had a 20 assist and an 18 assist game, two 30-point games, and shot 40% from 3FG range; again, I'm just spitting out numbers from his rookie year as he had big shoes to fill when CP3 was hurt, and oh man was NO "hurting" when he was gone.  CP3 leaving NO wouldn't hurt them, because the drop-off from Paul to Collison isn't nearly as bad as you claim it is, especially, because it seems like they have already gotten another "GREAT" player (in the making).  If they surround either CP3, Collison, or both, with a decent frontcourt, another vet, they'll be solid, or trade CP3, and get both of those frontcourt, a vet, and another young project(or draft pick); either way it looks like a win and makes your statement false because I don't think the team needs to be fully revolved around CP3, now that they have Collison.

That is also the only reason why there were trade rumors before the draft that the NO front office "wanted" to look for offers for CP3, was because they had Collison as insurance.  He didn't only have a couple of decent starts for them last season, he filled in for Paul for half a season, and didn't stray too far from his style. 

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 8:09 pm

CP3 NOs basketball

He knows basketball, and he is NO basketball! New Orleans basketball without CP is no basketball! I guess I've made the most out of the N ew O rleans puns. The point is clear however, Chris Paul leaving the Hornets would be a huge loss for the club. Players like this are few and far between. When you have one, keep him and build around him.  The wolves wasted a large part of KG's career by surrounding him with mediocre talent. One year they give him help, they go to the western conference finals. Take advantage of the time with a GREAT player, you don't know when you'll get another!

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