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Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

Posted on: September 22, 2010 10:51 am
Edited on: September 22, 2010 10:52 am
Posted by Royce Young

Are you getting tired of reading about Carmelo Anthony? I sure hope not, because I'm not tired of writing about him... yet. But every day there's a little news here, and a little news there. Over the past 24 hours or so, a few more rumors and reports have made their way out. Here's the latest:
  • According to the Denver Post, Houston is active in discussing a trade for Anthony, and are dangling shooting guard Kevin Martin. Adding in Martin makes Houston a contender because of the Rockets' assets, plus a trade exception they have that could allow them to give up a young asset over someone like Shane Battier.
  • However, Sam Amick of FanHouse reported that Houston's discussions have not included Martin to this point. Again, the Rockets have assets and a couple young players. But they'll have to throw in a good player, especially with New Jersey reportedly offering up a package that includes everything Denver might want. So if Houston wants to play, Martin will likely have to be involved.
  • Chad Ford and Marc Stein of ESPN reported that the Knicks head the list for Anthony still. But we already knew that. But the new news is that the Bulls are firmly planted as 1A on his list. Anthony's representation has reportedly ramped up pressure on the Nuggets to get a deal completed prior to training camp.
  • The Nuggets however are holding out hope that if they can get Anthony into camp, maybe he'll change his tune. That hope is pretty much a pipe dream at this point, but you can't blame them for clinging to their star. Reports say they aren't in any kind of rush and are willing to take time to get every offer they can.
  • By all indication, Anthony's preferred list is 1) New York; 1A) Chicago 2) New Jersey; 3) Houston. While that's Anthony's list, the rankings for who might actually land him are probably 1) New Jersey; 2) Chicago; 3) Houston and 4) New York.
That's pretty much it for now. Until someone files another report saying Carmelo still wants out, New York is tops on his list or that someone made someone an offer, we sit and wait. Just like Carmelo.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 10:31 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

When the dust settles I do believe that Melo will be a Knick. He holds all the cards. The key is if he is willing to sign an extension or not. I do believe the frontrunners are the Knicks and the Bulls. I highly doubt he wants to go to a 15 win Net team. If Donnie Walsh can acquire a 1st round pick or get a 3rd team involved its a done deal. The Knicks are posturing and trying to overstate Gallinari's value. In every article you read they are saying they are reluctant to part with Gallinari...yea right. He is a 6'10 spot up shooter and scores about 12 less points than Melo. Also Donnie Walsh has a good rep around the league and teams will deal with him. If the Nuggets wait and trade Melo at the deadline they will be getting peanuts for him. They have to deal him before training camp. I see something going down this weekend.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 10:07 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

Without a question of a doubt the Rockets are the best potential trade option for the Nuggets if they want to build a team for the future. If Martin is involved the Nuggets will get a great shooter and scorer to match. Also with what the Rockets got from the Knicks for the McGrady trade, the Nuggets have intrigueing options. With that said, if the Rockets are able to lure Anthony they will become a pretty prominant factor in the West. 

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 9:38 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

Hahaha your not trying to be a homer?? Listen, your list consists of guys and where they were picked. Melo and anyone else for that matter want substance and what guys have actually done.

Who is Carmelo going to team up with to beat the Lakers or Thunder? Think of it more that way. The Nuggets could not get past the Lakers with a good PG, and the roster is better up and down. I am not denying the fact the Rockets have more ammo to get Melo. Of course they do, you are comparing to the Roster of the worst team in the league. If you hated McGrady, you will do worse with Melo!

What drove you nuts about McGrady? Besides injuries of course. T-Mac played no Defense, was extremely streaky. Hmmmm sounds just like Melo actually!! McGrady was a more dynamic Scorer in his prime and you think going to a poor man's T-Mac your team will be better?

I see your point in a way, but i don't want you to be fooled by Melo. He's very overrated. I mean he is.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 8:43 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

I don't see Carmelo ending up in New York because I don't see him playing the whole season in Denver.  Knicks fans that think he'd be unwilling to sign an extension anywhere else are delusional.  Amare Stoudemire is a great player, he's also a great player that won't be so great 3 years from now.  Chris Paul?  Why even mention Chris Paul?  He's not on the Knicks and likely won't be!!!  When was the last time Knicks management made a good move? 

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 8:11 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

Or if that isnt enough..then 2 future 1st round picks..and maybe cash considerations

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 8:09 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

I would love for ATL to get rid of Marvin Williams..but Crawford and not so sure bout that one. Crawford is the key to the bench..Smith has a monster game..I prefer him over Nene

Maybe this:
M. Williams
a future 1st round pick and future 2nd round pick



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Posted on: September 23, 2010 3:47 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

ya, i guess your right loser-dawg...

playing on the team who had the BEST record in the ENTIRE NBA 2 YEARS in a row wasnt worth playing at?
Gimme a break...

Only reason no one big signed with Cleveland was becasue Le-butmunch already told his buddies he was planning his miami move 3 YEARS AGO!

If only other NBA players these days had as much class as guys like Duncan who stayed the course and won BIG!
The NBA now is a bunch of whiney kids trying to out do each other on the playground sadly.

Not much cohesion or team play left outside of Boston....(as hard as that was for me to say)


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Posted on: September 23, 2010 3:20 am

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

This whole thing is getting stupid.  If Melo wants to go to the Knicks so bad, the only real way is to wait and play at least half a season in Denver before doing a contract extension sign and trade.  Ridiculous, his representatives are demanding that he be traded before the season?  The only way the Knicks would have a chance to get him now would be to give up all their young players plus draft picks, basically important would-be Melo teammates.  Melo has to know this if he truly cares about playing in NY.  If he just plays half the season in Denver then his value/asking price will go down and the Knicks could get him without giving up 60% of the team.  So if you plan on playing in NY Melo, just chill and throw a couple more hoops up in Denver til early next year, its not gonna kill ya.    

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 1:42 am

Reality Time

Ok, first and foremost I am a diehard Rockets fan. But I am not a homer. I know the 90's bULLS WOULD HAVE BEATEN THE 90's Bulls would have beaten the 90's Rockets.  I knew that the Tracy Yao Combo was'nt goanna bring home a title.  But when I compare theNets and Rockets chances of aquiring Anthony, the Rockets are the favorites.  Let's start with first and foremost, the Rockets have the best G.M. in the NBA in Daryl Morey.  The guy is a thief.  Te Nets new G.M. is a rookie no matter how hard of a worker he is.  Carmelo has a better shot at a title because for all the assets both teams have to give up, the Rockets are left with more talent after the trade. Here are the overall assets both teams have to offer:


established borderline all-stars:

Kevin Martin (11.1) 27 y/o

L. Scola (7.8) 30 y/o

Expiring Money:

Jarred Jefferies (6.9)

6.3 million dollar trade exception which can be used or dropped as a money saver by july 2011

Young cheap upcoming talent on cheap rookie con. for 2-4 years:

Jordan Hill (2.7) #8 pick in 2009 draft

Patrick Paterson (1.8) #14 pick in 2010 Considered to go in top 8. huge upside.

Courtney Lee (1.4) #14 pick. Has played as starter in finals and is a jack of all trades with room for improvment.

Chase Budinger (0.8) 2nd round steal.  Had very good rookie year and has improved over summer.

drft picks:

2011 Knicks pick to Rockets.  Whoever owns pick can swap pick with knicks. is #1 protected.

two 2nd round rockets 2011 picks.

In 2012 Rockets have own pick, as well as another knicks pick which is only top #5 protected.

Also Rockets can trade to star Euro star PG Sergio Llull.

New Jersey:

Troy Murphy (12.0) mil. comes off books in 2011, but Rockets match it with TE and Jefferies.

Devin Harris: Had a downyear last season, but will bounce back as a top 10 PG. (9.0)

Derrick Favors: This guy can be a future Stoudemire, but COULD is the key work. Has to prove it first.

Anthony Morrow (4.0)  Guy is a hell of a shooter at a reasonalble price.

John Petro (3.3) Very solid defensive center.

2011:  2nd rd pick

2012: Golden St. pick

2012 Own pick.

2012 (2) 2nd round picks.

Ok discussion.  New Jersey has the best top end talents in Favors, but he has yet to play a game.  devin Harris really is'nt a better PG that the improving Brooks. Murphy expring con., but rocks can match that, plus a 6.3 mil. TE give Nets flexibility to trade straight up for a player or let it expire.  Morrow is a good young offensive bench player. Petro big Body.

Now Draft Picks:

Rockets 3 1st rds., Nets 2.  rockets 2 2nd rds.

Like I said not being a Homer but the two thing sworking in the rockets favor are no state income tax, and better team after trades.   Just my opinion.  Any thought?

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 9:33 pm

Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

Losing Noah for Noah's sake isn't the problem for the Bulls, it is losing Noah who would be a very high quality complement to Anthony.  Good rebounding, defense, and effort without taking too much of the ball distribution is what he brings to the table and if you lose him in the trade then the boon of getting Anthony goes down.

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