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Carmelo Anthony could be traded without extension

Posted on: November 19, 2010 6:26 pm
Edited on: August 14, 2011 8:58 pm
Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony could be traded even without agreeing to a contract extension. Posted by Ben Gollivercarmelo-anthony

By far, the two most likely scenarios that see Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony moving out of Denver are an extend-and-trade before this year's trade deadline or a walk during unrestricted free agency next summer. If Anthony agreed to an extend-and-trade, he would get guaranteed money locked in for the future and a fresh start with a new group of teammates. If Anthony waits until the summer, he will have free reign as the marquee name in the free agent class of 2011, commanding top dollar and getting to pick his choice of suitors without compromise or the risk of losing pieces in that city to Denver in a trade for him.

It's become conventional wisdom in NBA circles that Anthony will only be traded if he agrees to the contract extension, otherwise potential trade partners would only be renting his services and forced to part with assets in return and still deal with the fact that Anthony could walk free this summer. reports that this risk has been deemed acceptable to multiple NBA teams, opening up the possibility that Anthony is traded without agreeing to an extension this season.
There are always teams willing to bet that a star like Anthony will like their situation if they can just get him to town.
I know of two such risk-taking teams in Texas alone -- Dallas and Houston -- that would take on Anthony sans extension if their assets proved sufficiently attractive to construct a three-team (or more) deal palatable to Denver. Orlando is also presumed to be another such risk-taker, given the obvious lure of pairing Anthony with Dwight Howard. And Charlotte, with Melo's buddy Michael Jordan in charge, has been suggested as another willing Melo dice-roller by various front-office sources.
Negotiating such a trade would certainly make life easier on the Nuggets, especially if multiple teams with assets were willing to take the risk with Anthony, driving the price up.  Still, the two options mentioned above seem like the most likely scenarios for Anthony. With a new management team in Denver and an up-and-down start to the regular season, Anthony's future, at least for now, is anyone's guess.

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Posted on: November 21, 2010 10:41 am

Denver's solution to the Carmelo Anthony problem

If I were Denver, I would announce loud and clear to the world, that Carmelo Anthony would NOT be traded under any circumstances.  That he will just have to wait until next summer's pending free agency to move to another team.  In the mean time, he is a Nugget and will be so until that time.  That we are sorry if this decision costs Melo many millions of dollars when the new Collective Bargaining Agreement comes in, but he has tied our hands by grossly limiting the number of potential trade partners.   Then, let him sweat. 

With every passing day and every new rumor about contraction, and massive pay rollbacks, and much lower salary caps, Melo will start to wonder how much of a financial hit he is going to take.  He will have to wonder if it is really worth losing as much as $15 million over the life of a five year deal.   That is a lot of money and even though this guy has millions already, he also knows that his window for earning potential is only going to get smaler and smaller.  Denver should then spread contraction and CBA rumors like crazy with the media people, as an unnamed source, just to amp up the pressure on Anthony. 

Perhaps this strategy will get him to be more reasonable and expand his list of acceptable destinations.  His wife just said publically that location is not a factor to her, that she will make it work where ever they wind up.  The worst case scenario is that Anthony doesn't budge and Denver foresakes it's bluff and trades him for the best offer available come the deadline.  No matter what, Denver is going to lose big time in this deal.  They can either be proactive and try to help themselves or they can sit on their hands.  This is what I would do if I owned Denver.

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Posted on: November 20, 2010 5:29 pm

Carmelo Anthony could be traded without extension

So much blind hatred for the knicks on a story that has nothing to do with them lol. Anyways teams do this all the time. If you have a 1 year window to win you take on a "rented player" to make that final push over the hump. Of course you don't give up as much to trade for them as you would if he were signing the extension but it is still a good move by a handful of clubs.

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Posted on: November 20, 2010 12:39 am

Carmelo Anthony could be traded without extension

What fool of a team would be willing to do this. There is no way I trade good players for a guy who is not gonna sign the extension. Damn the Knicks are desperate to have one of their reporters to put out a story like this. The Knicks need to try drafting through the draft instead of always trying to rpb other teams of their good players. Knicks are an absolutely pathetic franchise.

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