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Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

Posted on: November 22, 2010 10:22 pm
Edited on: November 22, 2010 10:25 pm
Erick Dampier can't solve all the Heat's problems as the superstars drop another one, this time to Indiana. Posted by Matt Moore

I'm not going to waste time with "Maybe this is the one that gets their head right." You'll hear no "Maybe this is the one that gets them in gear." No more of that. The Miami Heat are a mediocre team right now. It means nothing in regards to the playoffs, which they will likely make regardless of how bad they look now because they are able to out-talent a largely unimpressive Eastern Conference. It means nothing in terms of the legacy of the Big 3 or this grand experiment. It means simply that.

The Miami Heat are an utterly mediocre team right now.

In tonight's 93-77 beatdown courtesy of the Indiana Pacers... think about that... the Indiana Pacers... the Heat showed the total array of their failures this season. The symptoms which developed in those games against Boston have turned into full-blown medical emergencies, causing hemorhages on-court and flat-lining the Heat for the second game in a row, just two days after a mediocre Grizzlies team beat them. This, in front of a Miami crowd that's been as underwhelming as the Heat. This grand experiment isn't a failure yet, but the early returns would prompt funding agencies to pull-back on their promises of renewed grants. The Pacers handled this team, despite Dwyane Wade playing. Or "playing" as I wouldn't call 3 points on 1-13 shooting with 5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 5 turnovers exactly "playing" in the DWade sense.

The Heat announcers talked about how the team was "blue" because they're missing their captain, Udonis Haslem, out with foot surgery. And Ken Berger reports help is on the way with Erick Dampier likely to sign a one-year deal on Tuesday to bolster their sad, depleted frontcourt. But that's not going to solve the problems. It's not going to make the Heat close out with any urgency, which they have yet to do this year with the exception of their Magic win. It's not going to make them hustle on defense, as LeBron James tonight stood and watched a streaking Pacers guard blow by him with Carlos Arroyo pointlessly trying to keep up and head to the bucket for an easy two. It's not going to make Erik Spoelstra come up with a feasible game plan instead of the pointless meandering this allegedly "elite" ballclub calls an offense. Dampier will help them rebound and foul hard, and that will help, since Chris Bosh once again looked meek and mild, this time in the face of young Roy Hibbert and Danny Granger. But he won't make this team look like it wants to be on the floor or play like a team.

It was up to Riley to get the three in the building, it was up to Spoelstra to get them to play with purpose, together. Riley did his job. And with every inexcusable loss for a team with this hype, this payroll, this talent, you have to wonder if Riley isn't going to end up doing Spoelstra's job as well.

The Heat's problems are in total. Effort, execution, focus, luck, deliberation, strategy, intensity. The entire menu of things you need in order to be an elite NBA team is missing. The only things left are neat intro videos and a bunch of players who don't seem to look at each other, talk to each other, or want to play with each other. And Monday night against a Pacers team that had none of the Heat's talent but all their missing intangibles, the inescapable truth showed itself again.

It's too early to call this a failure.

But it's surely too late to say that it's working.


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Posted on: November 23, 2010 10:22 pm

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

Miami Heat Udonis Haslem Season is Over. Read more at:

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 8:37 pm

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

Before you call me an idiot please read the post carefully. The first paragraph is sarcasm. It is a summary of everything that is wrong with the Heat:telling coach to chill out, prima donas with great talent and NO work ethic. I really did not think I had to spell it out. And of course I believe that work ethic is the key to success but for whatever reason- Lebron does not get it.

I am the same age as Larry Bird, when he was playing university ball, so was I (not quite the same caliber of course :0)) And I agree fully- this is what is missed by the younger stars- they do not take the 10000 shots like Bird did at an old net against a barn, they don't put in the extra time. Yes they get paid millions.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 3:57 pm

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

Miami doesn't look good right now, they will probably get better but can they dominate? Lets see what happens when you compare them to past champions.

Take the Bulls for example (you could just as easily take the old Pistons, Celtics, or Lakers teams).

The Bulls had two great players, the Heat has three.
The Bulls had disciplined, hard working, talented role players (Grant, Pax, Armstrong, Kerr, Rodman, Cartwright, Kukoc, Longley, Harper)
The Heat has Haslem.

The Bull's best player played with an astonishing desire to win. He dragged his team past a very nasty Pistons team. He played great defence. He molded the team in his image.
The Heat's best player plays with an astonishing desire to look good. He fled the Cavs for an easy way to the top. He does not play great defence. The Heat currently has no image of themselves.

Can they become true champions? Hard to say.

To get good role players, the big three will need to take salary cuts. Tough to say they will do that.
James must develop mental toughness and a desire to make those around them better. The role players must feel they are part of the team.
Until they get true roleplayers, Bosh must become a role player, concentrating on rebounding and guarding the paint. Taking a current Bull as an example, the Heat would look better with Noah than they do with Bosh. I'm not saying Noah is better than Bosh, only that the Heat need a Noah type more than they need Bosh playing the way he is.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 2:12 pm

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

It takes more than three superstars to win. The rest of the team is made up with a bunch of patchwork players that would normally be other teams' 9-12 guys. Haslem is okay for a 6'8" or 6'7" PF, but nobody else is all that impressive to me. Mike Miller will not make that much of a difference when he comes back. If they learn to play with each other and make the 12 players on their team better, then they will see an improvement.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 1:57 pm

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

If Dampier was any good he would already playing for someone. They would be better off holding an open tryout, but I guess that would actually mean people showing up to the arena. Maybe not though, I don't know too many 7 foot Cubans or Puerto Ricans. Looks like you are truly f___ed Miami.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 1:21 pm

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

I like to watch the Spurs play. The Heat bore me.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 11:35 am

Why so much hate? What do fans want?

Dampier will help, Miller will help more.  They will win 45-50 games and lose whenever they play Boston in the playoffs.  As a Knicks/Nets fan, that is not a bad prospect.

I hear a lot of anymosity towards Miami - "they don't deserve to win a championship" talk because they bought a team instead of building a team.  I am sure folks in Boston have been hearing the same thing from non-Celt fans for four years, the fans in LA have been hearing it since Shaq joined the team.  All of these franchises were built by paying big money to stars from other teams, as did Detroit (though their players were not exactly STARS elsewhere). 

If "buying" a team is the "wrong" way to get a ring in the NBA, then only the Spurs have done it in the "right way" since creation of the implementation of the salary cap (though Charles Barkley questioned the integrity of how they got Duncan).  The television networks would agree that the Spurs are a nightmare because they win, they are boring, and nobody watches them play outside of San Antonio. 

So again, I ask, what do fan want.  We don't want to watch the Spurs, and we don't want to see franchises "buy" a championship, so what are we looking for?  Maybe we just like to complain (which is fine with me, I can gripe with the best of them).  The Lakers, Celtics, Heat (Shaq and Wade, not the current version), and Pistons championship teams were constituted of primarily of players who learned the game for other teams, but for the right money joined the team they got their ring with. 

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 11:15 am

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

Chill out! Don't expect urgency from this team- there is too much star power here. Their coach has been wrong to be wound up tight in practices because in the end superstar power is all that is needed- not a work ethic.

I am assuming, and hoping, that this is sarcasm?  Please tell me it is.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 10:33 am

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

Maybe some more self-serving crybaby Nike spots will fix this right up. Or how about another rally? The Heat don't need championships to pat themselves smugly on the back. How about a new silly slogan? "YES. WE. DID." doesn't quite work. How about "NO. YOU. DIDN'T." instead? Or maybe "NO.YOU.WON'T." is more fitting. **** the Heat.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 9:46 am

Erick Dampier will not solve the Heat disaster

It is a sad statement when a team is looking for Eric Dampier to bolster their lineup.  Dampier is 35 and was repeatedly passed over this off season to receive even a one year contract.  He wasn't passed over because he was demanding too much money!  He was passed over because he stinks.  With all of that star power on the Heat, they are no counting on Dampier to come to the rescue.

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