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Anaheim making a strong push for the Kings?

Posted on: January 14, 2011 8:55 pm

Posted by Royce Young

It's no secret that the Sacramento Kings are looking at potentially relocating. The Maloof brothers even pulled out the deadly, "We'll look at our options" phrase. 

The early candidates that have been mentioned for Sacramento? San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas or a return to Kansas City. You know, the same list that always pops up. But the real candidate might be just down the road a bit. Anaheim.

According to KFBK/1530 in Sacramento via the Orange Country Register, the Maloofs met recently with Ducks owner Henry Samueli to talk about his proposal to bring the Kings to Anaheim. 

Reportedly, Samueli offered the Maloofs a $100 million loan as part of the proposal to help cover the extra costs that come with relocation and territorial rights fees and also offered to help the Kings owners manage their debt.

That has to be an intriguing offer to the Maloofs. They're having some financial issues, but they don't want to sell. They want to keep the Kings franchise breathing and in their hands, but also get them somewhere that they can make money. 

The Kings have been pushing for a new arena and it's looking more and more like that will fail, even with the support of mayor Kevin Johnson. Without a new arena, the Maloofs may have their hands forced if they want to keep the franchise.

In Anaheim, there's a new arena in the Honda Center and the Kings could just slide in and be co-tenants with the Ducks there. Anaheim has also been mentioned as a potential landing spot for the Hornets, especially with the word about Larry Ellison trying to buy the team. I would bet if Ellison got his hands on the Hornets he would look to move them West as fast as possible. And Anaheim would likely near the top of his list.

But it's not a done deal that the Kings will move anyway. I'm sure the Maloofs would prefer to keep the team in Sacramento and just start making money there. And while they've got a new deal with Power Balance for naming rights, they need real money. That comes with new sponsorships, better attendance and a new arena. Unless they get that last one, they may have to, well, look at their options.


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Posted on: January 16, 2011 2:07 pm

Anaheim making a strong push for the Kings?

As an idiot who lives in the area, the area really does not care at all if the Kings come here.  We would have wanted the Clippers instead, but hey, we cannot even keep a football team.  We are so lame here that we seem to be on the NFL's short list for getting a team.  That list never chances and trust me, it is not a surprise.  People live in their own world looking at their phone while driving, phoning the day away.  If they did want to come here, Lakers do rule here, but again that is LA, not the "OC."  So, forget it.  The Maloofs are bozos anyway, they just want to be seen and make money.  They could care less if they actual win.  I think they will go to Vegas.  IT gives them the chance to say we were the first to go there and be successful.  Vegas will love them and support them when they screw it all up like they are doing over and over again.

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Posted on: January 15, 2011 6:41 pm

Anaheim making a strong push for the Kings?

Anaheim is a horrible place for sports and basketball might do even worse then the Ducks and Angels did when they put out a half azz team, Go look at season attendances for the ducks the last few years after the Stanley Cup win, it's really bad and the Angles only sell tickets when they win or that stadium is a qtr empty. The Rams left cause no one went to the games, Arena football lasted 1 season,Lakers play preseason games at the Honda Center and it's empty and that's for the Lakers. The Clippers knew they would survive in Los Angeles better then Orange County that's why they stayed put. The Kings would be stupid to come to Anaheim, This is a Laker County and the fans that do go to games or watch the sport won't shift teams just cause they came to Anaheim. Go back to KC or even St.Louis .

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Posted on: January 15, 2011 2:35 pm

Anaheim making a strong push for the Kings?

Kings Move to Vegas the players can all stay at the Palm owned the Maloofs. Also why the Clippers and it's stupid owner have not moved and become the Orange county team is so stupid. Orange country is a very large fan base for any team. Hocket team does well and so do Angels. Why Clippers haven't joined them is stupid. Not sure NBA wants 3 teams in So cal.

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