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Posted on: January 19, 2012 8:50 pm

Video: Josh McRoberts cheapshots LeBron

Posted by Royce Young

Hey Josh McRoberts, that's Andrew Bynum's move. Except LeBron James is a tad bit bigger, stronger and faster than J.J. Barea.

In the first quarter of the Lakers showdown with Miami, LeBron drove hard to the basket. Metta World Peace grabbed him from behind and then McRoberts came over the top to meet LeBron. But instead of even remotely going for the ball, McRoberts threw a forearm right into LeBron's grill.

McRoberts was assessed a technical for the move. I don't know if he was trying to send a message, but there's a difference between a clean hard foul at the rim and a total cheapshot, which is what McRoberts pulled.
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Report: Lakers sign Josh McRoberts to 2-year deal

Posted by Ben Golliverjosh-mcroberts

The NBA's game of "power forward musical chairs" continued on Tuesday.

Yahoo Sports reports that Indiana Pacers power forward Josh McRoberts has signed a 2-year deal for $3 million per year with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers, who are in the luxury tax, used their mini-Mid-Level Exception to complete the signing.

McRoberts helps fill the hole created when Lamar Odom requested a trade from the Lakers this past weekend and was promptly dealt to the Dallas Mavericks. Indiana, meanwhile, also agreed to a 2-year deal with free agent forward David West, rendering McRoberts extraneous.

Over the past few days, rumors circulated that Indiana would trade McRoberts to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for guard O.J. Mayo, but clearly the Duke University product found a better option.

Given Odom's departure, much will be asked of McRoberts, who brings with him a good motor and fairly solid skills. Aside from top-flight starters Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, the Lakers' frontcourt is pretty barren, and McRoberts should serve as a cost-effective, reliable hole-plugger in that regard. Still, he's a massive downgrade from Odom, one of the league's most versatile and talented stretch fours.

McRoberts, 24, was a second round pick by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2007 NBA Draft but was traded to the Pacers on the night of the 2008 NBA Draft along with forward Brandon Rush in a deal that sent guard Jerryd Bayless to Portland. McRoberts averaged 7.4 points and 5.3 rebounds for the Pacers in 2010-2011, both career-highs. He started 51 games for Indiana last season.
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Free Agency Buzz 12.5.11: Lakers looking at West?


Posted by EOB Staff

On a shortened schedule with the conclusion of the NBA lockout, free agency is going to be fast and furious. To keep track of all the wheelings, dealings, rumors, and reports, check Eye on Basketball daily for the Free Agency Buzz. 

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011

4:03 p.m. ET
  • Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that there was "good conversation" today between Thaddeus Young and the Nuggets, with more talks planned. The Nuggets would make a nice fit for Young, well, mainly because they only have like six players on their team right now. Berger notes as well: "Denver's interest in Sixers' Young is latest indication that Nuggets are preparing for Nene departure."
2:21 p.m.
  • From the Washington Post: "The Washington Wizards intend to retain Nick Young but realize that they will have competition from several teams, including Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Sacramento and Phoenix, according to sources with knowledge of the situation."
  • The Wolves want to keep Kevin Love, obviously, but it's a question of how much he's worth to them. Would that include the max? "Am I worth the max? I'll let the front office answer that question," Love told the Star Tribune. "I love Minneapolis, I love the Twin Cities. I really do like it here. I'm in a comfort zone. This is the first NBA city I fell in love with, so this is all I know. Maybe we'll keep it that way and maybe we won't."
10:36 a.m.
  • Matt Barnes told reporters this weekend that he spoke with Baron Davis and Dwight Howard and both players want to come to L.A.. It's Matt Barnes, so take it with a grain of salt, but still. 
  • Grant Hill is still interested in re-signing with the Suns, ESPN says, but both New York and Chicago have made "very interesting" offers. If Hill took less money to sign with Chicago, it would be a perfect fit. The only hang up is whether leaving Phoenix's crack training staff would leave to the injuries that left most of his career unfulfilled. At 39, you wouldn't think Hill has much left in the tank, but he played like a 33-year-old last season, and can consistently hit from the outside and midrange.
9:10 a.m.
  • ESPN.com reports that the Lakers could be in the market for Delonte West and Josh McRoberts. Both make quite a bit of sense for L.A. West is a serviceable point guard with a history with Mike Brown who can hit from the perimeter and score off the dribble. He can play out of control from time to time, but with the ball in Kobe Bryant's hand so often, that likely won't be as much of an issue. The Lakers need to stretch the floor and shoot better from the outside, and West helps in those areas. McRoberts is an interesting idea. He's a grinder big. He doesn't have huge size, but he does manage to make key plays, has a little bit of a mid-range game and can rebound. It would be interesting to see Luke Walton waived and McRoberts signed in his place. (HT: IAmAGM.com)
  • There's mutual interest between McRoberts and the Grizzlies as well, according to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. The Grizzlies attempted to trade O.J. Mayo at the deadline for McRoberts, but the deal fell through when the trade could not be completed before the deadline passed. That was fortunate for Memphis since Mayo went on to be a major contributor in their playoff run. Mayo is not expected to be retained as part of the "core" for Memphis after his string of embarassing incidents last season including a fight on a team plane with Tony Allen over a gambling dispute, and getting busted for a banned substance he says he bought in an energy drink at a gas station.
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The O.J. Mayo disaster

Posted by Matt Moore

The Indiana Pacers and Memphis Grizzlies had agreed to a trade Thursday. Maybe. They may have. I mean, it seems they had an agreement, at one point, on something involving O.J. Mayo going to Indiana in exchange for Josh McRoberts and a first round pick. It wasn't a great haul for the Grizzlies, but it wasn't anything terrible, either.  It gave them a versatile power forward to back up Zach Randolph and a draft pick, which they need all they can get of since they draft so terribly, and they were sending another one out for Shane Battier

But, then, of course, what happens with the Grizzlies so often happened to the Grizzlies, and things fell apart. What, exactly? Well, that depends on who you ask. From the Memphis Commercial Appeal

But the deal was never consummated because the teams missed the NBA’s 2 p.m. deadline. 
“Despite published reports, O.J. was not traded,” Griz general manager Chris Wallace said in a text. 
Based on conversations with sources who have knowledge of the situation, a third team -- New Orleans -- was involved in the negotiations to make the financial aspects of the deal meet NBA rules. Late in the talks, New Orleans pulled out, leaving the Grizzlies and Pacers scrambling for another partner. Another team was found and agreements were made, but the 2 p.m. deadline had passed.
via Grizzlies trade Thabeet for Battier; Mayo-to-Pacers deal never completed » The Commercial Appeal.

Oh, okay. These things happen. New Orleans pulled out of the deal as teams often do. Except, there's this from the Indianapolis Star:
Sources told The Star, though, that the Pacers called the league at 3 p.m. to notify them of the three-team deal, and were on hold, waiting to get into the league's queue, when the deadline passed at 3:01 p.m. While the Pacers were waiting, New Orleans apparently backed out of the deal -- which wouldn't have been consummated anyway, since the league insisted it was 3:01.
via Kravitz: Pacers blow chance to add draft-lottery talent at bargain price | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com.

Now, on the surface, it certainly looks like Indiana was the one to blow this up. I mean, really, you're calling the office at 3 p.m.? You had four days post All-Star Break to get this done and you're calling at 3 p.m.? You would have had a potentially significant trade rejected had New Orleans not backed out because you were on hold?  Come on, now. 

Except that the Pacers weren't the ones with the situation. O.J. Mayo has been on the block for months. Ownership and management have repeatedly denied that they were considering trading Mayo, but clearly, that was a lie. They've had a months since the fight with Tony Allen, a month since he was suspended for violating the banned substance policy, a half season since the coaching staff openly questioned his ability in preseason and he started out on a disastrous shooting slump. But there they are, at the deadline, hoping there's an operator standing by when so many teams are getting deals in. In that respect Indiana's not alone in calling the trade in. It's how it works as bizarre as it is. But Memphis should not have allowed it to come to this. 

Because now Mayo knows the franchise has no investment in him, no confidence in him, no trust in him. And he has to make it through the rest of this season with that hanging over him.

Mayo may have acted like he lacks common sense this season at time. If so, it seems like he learned it from the top down. 
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Griffin wants in; who could be dunking in L.A.?

Posted by Royce Young

Blake Griffin has pretty much taken over the NBA over the first couple months of the season. Every night people just wait for his latest highlight. So naturally it seems like he's a perfect fit for the dunk contest in Los Angeles during All-Star Weekend.

He's got the buzz around him, he's got the dunking ability and he's got the game in his team's hometown of Los Angeles.

Griffin has already said he'd be interested. "That would be cool," Griffin told NBA.com. "If it's something that the league wants me to do, I'll probably try to do it." According Chris Tomasson of FanHouse via Twitter, Griffin hasn't heard anything yet from the league. But if he's truly willing, you can pretty much guarantee he'll be there.

Another high-flyer that doesn't garner near as much attention is Indiana's Josh McRoberts. If you've been paying attention this season -- really close attention that is -- you'd have seen a few pretty terrific aerial manuevers from McRoberts. So McRoberts is firing up a little video campaign to try and get in.

Assuming Nate Robinson doesn't try and enter and ruin the dunk contest again, who else could be a candidate? Griffin is a lock, McRoberts is a long-shot unless he puts together some kind of award-winning video. Here's five others that could get consideration.

1. DeMar DeRozan:
He got in last year during the "Dunk Off" in Dallas, but didn't seem totally prepared for the contest. The guy can absolute finish with the best of them as showcased with his cram against Charlotte. Given the opportunity, I'm sure DeRozan wouldn't disappoint again. He's a power finisher with a bit of Vince Carter style mixed in.

2. Russell Westbrook:
Westbrook is a candidate a lot of people are mentioning and he's said he could possibly be interested. He was part of a fan vote his rookie season but lost out to Rudy Fernandez. Westbrook though said while he'd think about it this year, he doesn't know if he'd do it because he admitted he's not a great contest dunker. Which is true. Westbrook is one of the premier in-game dunkers out there, but I don't know how much flash he'd be able to come up with if he doesn't have Shane Battier standing there to dunk over.

3. Eric Gordon: The loser in last year's "Dunk Off" to DeRozan, Gordon is one of those inconspicuous dunkers. He doesn't look like he'd have the abilty to rise and finish, but he absolutely has some hops. He's a sentimental favorite since the contest is in Los Angeles, but Griffin's inclusion might snub him. Still, he'll at least be considered.

4. Derrick Rose: Last year, Rose was rumored to potentially be in, until bowing out of consideration. But I'm tossing him in here because he would be a really interesting competitor in it. He's a straight line player and while he looks flashy, he doesn't play with a ton of flash. But everything he does has a little extra accent on it, so even a standard two hand jam from him would look a little cooler than everyone else's.

5. Shannon Brown: Brown's performance last year was a pretty large disappointment. A viral fan movement is what got him included in the first place but once he was there it was like he didn't know what to do. He almost looked scared to really bust anything out. I think he needs another shot. Now that he's been in it and knows what to expect, I feel like he would blow us away. His leaping ability is downright scary and of course there's the natural inclination to put him in because he's a Laker and this is in, you know, Los Angeles.
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Game Changer 12.1.10: Kobe won't put down the gun

Posted by Matt Moore

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer.

THE BIG ONE: Lakers drown in a pool of Kobe

Kobe Bryant shot 9-25 last night, and given the chance, I'm pretty sure he'd shoot 18 of 50. For whatever reason, Bryant is unable to comprehend that more and more there are nights where he "doesn't have it" and continues to keep shooting the Lakers out of games, despite the fact that their offense makes it nearly impossible not to produce when executed with any reasonable set of effort. Bryant got hot in the third quarter of this game, and then:

That happened. And then more of that. Generally, lots of that. But the bigger problem of course was LA's defense, as noted by Silver Screen and Roll :

The Grizzlies ' point total of 98 doesn't look like much out of context. That's just pace masking deplorable defense on the Lakers' part. The Grizzlies' 88 possessions were the fewest of any Laker opponent this year, and their 1.11 points per trip is well above the season average for the Laker D. The problems tonight were mainly on the perimeter. Derek Fisher was egregiously bad against Mike Conley , who burned him off the dribble over and over. When Conley didn't have the ball, Fish frequently wandered away from him for no apparent reason, leaving him wideass open to make 4-of-5 three pointers. Conley, who's no one's idea of an All-Star point guard, finished with 28 points on only 16 shots (including free-throw possessions). I'm sure I don't need to tell you that 28 is far and away Conley's season high.

Kobe Bryant 's defense wasn't much better. He looked utterly indifferent to competing at the end of the court. On numerous occasions he simply refused to guard Xavier Henry . Literally, all the X Man (no idea if anyone really calls him that) had to do was jog around a light screen or even just walk to a different part of the court, and Kobe wouldn't follow him. Henry came into this game averaging five points a night and finished with 12.

Xavier Henry's emergence was downright baffling last night. His shot release is something akin to a sideways-launched screwball with the release time of a short documentary film but last night it was falling. The Lakers gave it to him, trusting the rookie would fail. He did not.

The final two possessions of this game were downright baffling. Conley dribbles off a Marc Gasol pick, Gasol rolls, and Conley attempts to throw a lob pass over Pau Gasol. Conley was right with his decision, wrong with his execution, and Pau took it away with those long meaty paws. Fast break to Kobe, who takes O.J. Mayo into the lane, Gay comes over to help, Kobe hesitates, then jumps. O.J. Mayo is not a tremendously athletic "burster." He has great top speed but not great leaping ability. He jumped higher than I've ever seen him jump, forcing Bryant to kick out to Artest who had Rudy Gay close on him. Game over.


Amar'e Stoudemire: 35 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 block

Danny Granger: 37 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 block


Raymond Felton has gotten it. Not "is starting to get it." He has gotten it. Amid his 21 point, 7 rebound, 10 assist, 3 steal performance in last night in a win over the Nets, Felton took a high pick from Stoudemire and rolled right. As the defense sagged baseline to cut off his approach, he bounce passed to Stoudemire who finished with a fury. It was Nash-like. It looked straight out of Phoenix circa 2006. And it's the precise kind of play that Felton needed to make earlier in the season that he's making now.

With Felton on an absolutely ridiculous binge as of late, the Knicks find themselves right back in the thick of things. Felton is never going to be Steve Nash, ever, ever, ever, but if he's a dirtier, sturdier, better defensively version of Steve Nash? The Knicks can go places, like a first round playoff entrance. And after a decade of failure, that's a huge start.

The Knicks are coming around and fast.




Brook Lopez gave a commanding performance in a loss last night, the first time he's looked like himself this season. He had the mid-range short-J going, which is a huge part of his game.

Roy Hibbert again looked phenomenal, even though his dominance wasn't needed with Danny Granger destroying everything in his path.

Tim Duncan had a very Walton-esque (as someone described it on Twitter) triple-double with 15 points, 18 rebounds, and 11 assists. Golden State had no answer for anything the Spurs are doing and have really fallen back into their bad defensive habits of seasons past.

Tyreke Evans is not right. Maybe it's the ankle, maybe it's the attitude, maybe it's coaching, but he is simply not the force of nature he was last season. For whatever reason, moving him to shooting guard has not worked out. Even if he may not make logical sense at the point guard position, if your team plays better with him there, how can you argue against it until you get a better backcourt partner than Luther Head?
Posted on: December 1, 2010 12:25 am

Roy Hibbert emerging thanks to... Josh McRoberts?

Roy Hibbert went on 1070 The Fan in Indy to talk about the work he put in this summer, and dropped this nice nugget:
“I think it is because Josh McRoberts told me this is what we worked for all summer. Why we pushed each other so hard to be able to come down to these stretches in the game where we cant be tired. I’m seeing it pay off.”
via Sports Radio Interviews » Roy Hibbert Is the Best Player in the NBA That Nobody is Talking About .

So there you have it. Josh McRoberts is at least partially responsible (in tandem with Bill Walton) for turning into one of the best young big men in the league and a developing heir apparent to the title of "Next Great Big."

Hibbert's development can't be overstated as the big man is averaging 16.1 points, 9.6 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 2.3 blocks (per-40's are even better : 21.3, 12.7, 4.0, 2.8). Darren Collison helps, Tyler Hansbrough helps, Brandon Rush's development and Danny Granger's return to form helps, but it's Hibbert that has been such a weapon for the Pacers, opening the entire floor up.

For his part, as much as McRoberts is often the butt of jokes, he really has become a good rotation player. He has a 21.3% defensive rebounding rate and a below-average but reasonable 13.3 PER. His role in helping Hibbert will likely not sit well with Duke haters.
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Video: No, really, the Pacers shot 20-21 in Q3

Pacers shoot 20-21 in third quarter to defeat Nuggets by eleventy billion.
Posted by Matt Moore

And that's how you win a third quarter.

My favorite part of this video is the progressive desperation in the Nuggets' announcer's voice.

"Dunleavey.. that can't go in..." (Swish.)

"Dunleavey... Again!"

"Dunleavey... AGAIN!"

And then the exasperation as McRoberts misses at the end. Seriously. How about being Josh McRoberts on that plane tonight? That's going to be awkward. And funny.

20 makes out of 21 tries. Nice shootin', boys.
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