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Posted on: December 17, 2011 11:55 pm
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Lakers sign Murphy, Kings claim Outlaw

By Matt Moore

The Los Angeles Laker s signed forward Troy Murphy Saturday to bolster their frontcourt bench left weakened by the trade of Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks. Murphy, 31, was bought out by the Nets last spring and signed with the Boston Celtics in what was thought at the time to be a shrewd move to potentially put the Celtics over the championship hump. Instead, Murphy underperformed and played limited minutes due to injury, and played just one game for three minutes in the postseason. 

If healthy, Murphy could help the Lakers as a do-it-all veteran with savvy. If out of his depth and still hampered by injuries, he is unlikely to make much of an impact even on a team facing significant problems past its starting front line.


The Sacramento Kings claimed forward Travis Outlaw off the amnesty wire Saturday. Outlaw had a massively disapponting first year in New Jersey after signing a five-year, $35 million contract in 2010. The Kings have faced a serious absence at the small forward position since trading Omri Casspi last spring. John Salmons can spend time there but is under-sized.

Under amnesty rules, the Kings were allowed to claim Outlaw because of their cap space (only teams with cap space can bid), and their bid will count against their cap while the remainder will be paid by New Jersey and will not count against their cap. Outlaw played significantly better in Portland and maybe a return to the west coast will improve his play. Outlaw had wrist surgery this summer but has been cleared for contact according to SI.com. 
Posted on: November 14, 2011 11:34 pm
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Report: Omri Casspi signs with Maccabi Tel Aviv

Posted by Ben Golliveromri-casspi-2

A national treasure is headed home.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Omri Casspi, the first Israeli to play in the NBA, has signed to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. The paper reports that he will join up with his new team "in several weeks" and that the signing has been confirmed by his agency, Creative Arts Agency.

The decision comes less than 24 hours after the National Basketball Players Association chose to issue a disclaimer of interest, a move that will likely take the ongoing labor impasse to court.

Earlier this week, Casspi had expressed frustration about the interminable NBA lockout on his Twitter account. Cleveland.com notes that one of Casspi's messages included a desire for the players union to decertify.

A first round pick in 2009, Casspi, a hard-nosed small forward, played two years with the Sacramento Kings before he was traded to the Cavaliers for J.J. Hickson on June 30, the day before the NBA's lockout went into effect. Casspi had been pushing for the basement-dwelling Kings to trade him for months. 

Prior to his arrival in the NBA, Casspi played for Maccabi Tel Aviv in 2005-2006 and from 2007-2009. He made his Israeli professional debut at the age of 17. 

Maccabi Tel Aviv is Israel's most prestigious basketball club and is currently participating in Euroleague play. New Jersey Nets guard Jordan Farmar, former D-League big man Richard Hendrix, former Duke guard Jon Scheyer and former Gonzaga guard Jeremy Pargo are all currently on the roster

Casspi, 23, posted career averages of 9.5 points and 4.4 rebounds in 148 appearances for the Kings. He was set to make $1.3 million for the 2011-2012 season in the third year of his rookie contract.
Posted on: June 30, 2011 1:52 pm
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Kings trade Omri Casspi to Cavs for J.J. Hickson

Posted by Matt Moore j-j-hickson

Update 2:14 p.m.: The Kings and Cavs have both announced the deal

Multiple reports surfaced Thursday of a deal being finalized by the Cleveland Cavaliers to send J.J. Hickson to Sacramento for forward Omri Casspi and a conditional first-round pick. 

Both ESPN and Yahoo! are reporting the deal, with ESPN slightly quicker with the news. The Sacramento Bee also confirms the setup of the deal involving the pick, which will allow the Kings to keep the 2012 pick unless they make the playoffs. 

Winner: Cavs. The Cavaliers traded an asset who had never jelled with Byron Scott and hadn't lived up to expectations for a versatile forward on the cheap and a conditional first-rounder. That's a nice haul for Hickson. The Cavs drafted Tristan Thompson who can't play the five but will work well at the four. He'll play next to Anderson Varejao and bring the athleticism Hickson was on board for. Getting the first-rounder is gravy, even if it's unlikely to develop unless the Kings make huge strides. 

Loser: We'll technically say the Kings, only for surrendering the conditional first-rounder. Casspi was caught in a logjam after the acquisition of John Salmons, which just makes the Salmons trade look worse (they could have gotten Jimmer Fredette all the same at their original seven spot). It's not a terrible trade, as they can use Hickson's size and athleticism off the bench, but he and DeMarcus Cousins along with Donte Green makes for a pretty tricky bulge at the four spot. Not a big loss here, though, considering. Pretty good deal for both clubs.
Posted on: April 5, 2011 9:24 am

Kings F Omri Casspi shops for a new team

Sacramento Kings forward Omri Casspi says he is ready for a change of scenery. Posted by Ben Golliver. omri-casspi

The only thing more demoralizing than riding the pine while your team goes 22-54 is the thought that you could be stuck in the same spot next season. 

That's where Kings forward Omri Casspi finds himself as the clock winds down on Sacramento's season. Casspi's minutes and shots are slightly down this season, his second year in the NBA, and he's not sure how or where he fits into Kings coach Paul Westphal's plans.

News10.net reports that Casspi, the first Israeli ever to play in the NBA, expressed frustrations with his current situation in an Israeli publication, stopping just short of publicly demanding a trade.
"I know that there are many teams, including some playoff teams, that want me ahead of next season." Casspi wrote. "I hope to find myself in a team that appreciates me as a player and a person, a team that plays like a team. 
"I still don't know if I will definitely not be continuing with the Kings. I've got a contract and love the fans, the city, the owner and the general manager. But things haven't worked out and that is legitimate.
"Clearly the current situation is not ideal for the team and for me. There are other teams wich suit me better and since I have an excellent relationship with the players and the staff, I hope that they appreciate me enough to let me leave for a place where I can play basketball."
Casspi faces a very similar situation to what Portland Trail Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez dealt with in recent years. While he's stuck on Sacramento's bench and might not be a key cog in Westphal's rotation, he's a difficult piece for management to part with via trade. He's young (22 years old), he's shown toughness and flashes on offense, his best basketball is still ahead of him and, perhaps most importantly, he's locked into an affordable rookie deal that runs through 2012-2013 at least. Although he might not be receiving the A+ treatement from Westphal, he represents a highly-prized asset for management.

Even if Casspi wasn't planning for the cash-strapped Maloof family, most teams would look at Casspi's $1.3 million contract next season and think that he is a player worth retaining. Casspi averages 8.8 points and 4.4 rebounds in 24 minutes this season. Is he capable of more if given a larger role? Sure, most bench players are. But patience is a virtue here: There's no guarantee Westphal will be around next season, let alone for the long haul. How many times have we seen a player's fortune change under a new coaching regime? Too many to count.

While Casspi is almost certainly correct in stating that many teams are interested in him, that doesn't necessarily mean they are willing or able to give the Kings equal value for his services. Indeed, trading away a player on his rookie deal is no easy task because teams are more likely to decide to wait and make things work rather than risk watching a cheap, young player blossom elsewhere.

Is Casspi stuck in Sacramento? Definitely not. But he'd do well to acknowledge the possibility that he could be there for awhile and to realize that his situation is likely not as bad as it seems right now.
Posted on: January 7, 2011 9:34 am

Shootaround 1.7.11: Rodney Stuckey likes unicorns

Terrence Williams may see the floor, Yao Ming may not retire, and Rodney Stuckey likes unicorns (not really), all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

Terrence Williams may finally get some burn in Houston. We remain skeptical, since two different coaches have yanked his playing time away. Surprising fall for the swing man. 

The Kings may be in a selling mood, but don't count Omri Casspi among the items on the front lawn. 

Even after surgery.... again, Yao Ming may not be planning on retiring.  Worse still than retiring though would be being one of those players who can't find a team to sign you because of your injury concerns.  We hope the best for Yao, but in the event that his career can't get righted, we hope he is smart enough to take the high road out.

Nets fans had low expectations of Sasha Vujacic when he arrived in the Terrence Williams trade. But he's making a believer out of them now. He hit the game winner the other night in a huge home win over the Bulls

Need4Sheed exposes Rodney Stuckey's twitter account as a bot with the headline: "Rodney Stuckey: 'I like unicorns, Cotton Candy, Star Trek and Harry Potter movies.'" 

Carlos Boozer was not exactly thrilled with being benched for the final 14 minutes in the Bulls' loss to the Nets the other night. 

In short, the Magic have a very balanced offense since the mega-trade. 

Mayor Kevin Johnson in Sacramento put together a task force towards getting a new arena. It erupted into a verbal skirmish this week. Yeah, things are going that well. 

Tyler Hansbrough will start at power forward for the Pacers, a sign of the desperation mounting in Indiana. 

Suddenly Jodie Meeks being back in the lineup is a big deal. Strange times. 
Posted on: January 3, 2011 12:48 pm

Kings shopping Casspi? And Landry?

Posted by Royce Young

The Kings appear on the verge of turning things over. While Paul Westphal and Geoff Petrie might be safe -- for now -- some changes look like they're coming. According to ESPN.com, the Sacramento is openly shopping guard Omri Casspi and is likely looking to move forward Carl Landry as well.

Reportedly the teams that have raised their hands in regards to Casspi are the Bulls and the Knicks.

Chicago, who missed out on J.J. Redick this summer when Orlando matched on his restricted contract, has been intent on adding another shooter to the rotation. Kyle Korver obviously is a marksman, but he's a one-dimensional marksman. Casspi, the Bulls believe, can be more of a well-rounded player that can defend, shoot and even create a little.

The Knicks, who couldn't seem to get Rudy Fernandez over the summer, would like Casspi for the same reasons. Good shooter, good scorer and a lengthy versatile defender. Honestly, the Knicks have a higher need, but because of the ever-complicated Carmelo Anthony situation, might balk at giving up any assets to seal the deal.

As mentioned in the original report, there are hurdles to jump for any potential suitors though. The Maloof brothers love Casspi not just as a player but as a diplomat. Having Casspi, the first Israeli-born player ever in the NBA, broadens your fanbase immediately. That's a nice perk on top of having a nice player. The Kings would likely attach a long-term contract to any deal involving Casspi who's earning a slim $1.25 million this year. Naturally that could dismiss the Bulls and Knicks who likely want to hold on to cap space like grim death.

On the other front, Carl Landry is reportedly "highly unlikely" to re-sign with the Kings, meaning Sacramento will probably ramp up efforts to move the forward. He has value out on the market right now and the Kings don't want to come out empty-handed on the trade that moved Kevin Martin out of town.

Landry is earning just $3 million on an expiring deal so a contender could be extremely interested in swooping his services up for a little run. (One team that comes to mind for me is the Thunder. They need an extra inside presence and have the assets to swing such a deal.) The Kings though aren't going to ask for pennies. They'll want real assets or picks for Landry, which is a lot to pay if it's just two months of renting him.

Sacramento is ready to start moving parts around. The current roster just doesn't seem to be headed in the direction the organization wants and while certain parts like DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans are off limits, others like Landry, Casspi, Francisco Garcia and even Jason Thompson might be for sale.
Posted on: September 24, 2010 9:17 am

Preseason Primer: Sacramento Kings

Posted by Matt Moore
Could we have seen it coming? Could we have known that Tyreke Evans was going to join Michael Jordan and LeBron James among the handful of players to average 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists in their rookie season? That he would make such a huge difference? Well, yeah, we should have. The question is where do the Kings, whose rebuilding project they find accelertaed, go from here? That's where we begin with the lastest in our Preseason Primers .

Training camp site: Sacramento, CA
Training camp starts: September 28th

Key additions: Samuel Dalembert (trade), Antoine Wright (free agency), Luther Head (free agency), DeMarcus Cousins (draft)

Key subtractions: Spencer Hawes (trade), Jon Brockman (trade), Andres Nocioni (trade)

Likely starting lineup: Tyrke Evans (PG), Beno Udrih (SG), Donte Greene (SF), Carl Landry (PF), Samuel Dalembert (C)

Player to watch: DeMarcus Cousins. There's no getting around it. "Boogie" is the guy you want to keep an eye on. He could dominate. He could underwhelm. He could blow up on his teammates. he could fit in seamlessly. He could add weight. He could slim down. Anything is possible with Cousins, and his progression will be a huge factor in how the Kings do this season.

Chemistry quiz: Evans needs to be the leader, and this is the season where he's got to start showing that. Meanwhile, there aer a bunch of players on the Kings like Thompson and Greene who may wind up frustrated if they can't secure their positions on the team. Throw in the explosive Cousins and you have a tenuous situation that could be brilliant, could be terrible. It's wait and see.

Camp battles: All eyes on small forward, as Donte Greene and Omri Casspi battle for control of the universe... I mean, small forward spot. Greene has more experience and athleticism, but Casspi is arguably more skilled. This is going to be and intense and close fight. Sorting out the rest of the frontcourt will be tough as well with experience (Dalembert, Landry) versus upside (Thompson and Cousins) as well as slotting positions.

Injury issues:
Evans had an ankle injury in Team USA tryouts but should be fine. Other than that, the Kings enter camp healthy.

Biggest strength: Athleticism. Evans, Thompson, Greene, Cousins, Landry. They're tough, long, and athletic. That team can create mismatches on the floor sheer length and leaping ability. Strong, too. Should be a lot of fun to watch.

Glaring weakness: Inexperience. The best thing about being young is you don't know any better. That's also the worst thing. The Kings are going to struggle as they learn how to win. Learning to be consistent starts in camp.
Posted on: September 16, 2010 9:09 am

Shootaround 9.16.10: Hack a Shaq

Posted by Royce Young
  • Shaquille O'Neal has been accused of computer hacking and throwing evidence in a lake, according to Radar Online . One of Shaq's former employees named Shawn Darling is the one making the accusations. It's a pretty long and messed up situation, but here's the gist: "At the time, Shaq was having an affair with hip-hop singer Alexis Miller who ended up accusing him of harassment and stalking. Shaq later settled with Miller. The lawsuit alleges, "O'Neal told Darling that Alexis Miller had obtained a restraining order and that O'Neal said could not remember what he sent to Miller by way of text messaging and E-mail." According to the suit, Shaq asked Darling to retrieve every email and text message that he sent Miller-as well as all of Shaq's phone records-- so that he could be aware of what he was dealing with."
  • It's the basketball equivalent of a pitch count. Yao Ming will be limited to 24 minutes a night says Jonathan Feigan of the Houston Chronicle: "Yao’s playing time will not average 24 minutes; it will end there. If he plays 22 minutes in one game, he will not play 26 the next. For that matter, if he plays two minutes one game, he will not play 26 the next. When Yao reaches his 24 minutes, he will be through for that game."
  • George Karl to the Denver Post: "To me, my job is to, anytime I talk to Melo . . . it's to convince him that we won 53 games last year and I think we're very capable of being a lot better than we were last year," Karl told reporters. "Some of the bombs that hit our team injury-wise and my situation, I think we kind of need to stay together, in my opinion. It's pretty easy: Stay together and figure it out. Right now, I don't think Melo is going to be calling me for advice. Fortunately, it's not my job to probably call him to talk about that situation. My job is to talk about basketball."
  • Should Bill Laimbeer coach the Pistons? Patrick Hayes of Piston Powered says no: "I care about legacy. Being a head coach in Detroit would be bad for Laimbeer’s legacy, because he would get fired. I don’t know how long he’d last. And given the right roster (i.e. not the current roster), he might even find a mix of players he could have success with. But there’s a good chance that things wouldn’t end well (see: Trammell, Alan). What I dislike is the assumption that just because Laimbeer was a tough player who is beloved by fans that he’d naturally make a good coach. Even with titles in the WNBA, he hasn’t proven enough as a coach, motivator or understander of the modern player to deserve that assumption." And it appears there's a rebuttal from Bill Laimbeer's daughter in the comments as well.
  • David Kahn, writing a letter to fans. In it, he tries to explain the reason to give Darko $20 million: "Telling Darko how important he could be to our future while offering him a contract that represents a major paycut was a delicate dance.  Darko understood this, too, and thus was willing to allow us some financial protection in the final year of his deal if things didn’t work out.  But let me be clear:  we think they will work out."
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