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Posted on: November 27, 2011 1:51 pm
Edited on: November 28, 2011 12:36 pm

New 'Rose Rule' could pay a few rookies more

Posted by Royce Young

Nothing is more valuable in the NBA than a star on a rookie scale contract. For those three or four years before he's given a big extension, you can't possibly get more bang for your buck.

Some general managers have used rookie contracts to build their teams. It's no coincidence that Oklahoma City routinely has three or four players in every "most underpaid players" list.

Guys like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose have been on rookie deals the past few seasons while Durant has been named to the All-Star team twice with two scoring titles and Rose has won an MVP.

And in the new collective bargaining agreement, those rookie deals will remain equally as valuable. Except one thing is changing a bit and it's a rule named after Derrick Rose.

Rookie scale players are eligible to get an extension starting in their fifth season -- example: Russell Westbrook and Rose this year -- and can now get an extra little bump based on performance. A new max has been established which is up to 30 percent of the team's cap, up from 25 percent. But in order to qualify for that extra five percent, the player has to win an MVP, make the All-Star team twice as a starter in their first four seasons or get named to any All-NBA team in their first four years.

Rose obviously qualifies right now and Westbrook could with another All-NBA selection. He was named second team All-NBA last season. The difference is about an extra $3 million.

As the New York Times notes, Durant could be eligible this season:
Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant may be eligible because the extension he signed in 2010 has not yet taken effect. Under N.B.A. rules, a max contract is tied to league formulas, not a specific dollar amount. Durant could ask the Thunder for the extra 5 percent once the league reopens for business.
Otherwise, Westbrook could potentially make more than his superstar counterpart. Which would only add a little extra fuel to the already stupid fire that there's a rift between Durant and Westbrook.

Not a major win for players, but certainly a reasonable one.

Via SB Nation
Posted on: November 1, 2011 5:05 pm

The Biggest Game of the Night We're Missing 11.1

By Matt Moore

Tuesday night would have been a reckoning if there were a season. It would be about more than just a good season. It would be about the past and the future. About a decade of tireless effort, of painstaking consistency and a drive to get it right, and it would be about the years to come, and how bright and hopeful they are.

If there were an NBA season, we'd be watching Bulls-Mavericks Tuesday night.

The Dallas Mavericks suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous NBA fortune more than any team short of the Trail Blazers over the past ten years. They built a championship core, and instead of rebuilding or tearing it down when it didn't work, they kept tinkering, adjusting, taking what worked and trying to make it better. Mark Cuban sunk hundreds of millions into the team in payroll, staff, training, promotion, everything. It's a massively powerful organization, that still didn't have a ring to show for it. Tuesday night would have been the night that Dirk Nowitzki could take a step back and appreciate how far he'd come, how all the work and the trust and the blood, sweat, tears, and teeth in his arm were worth it. For Jason Kidd it would be a sweet way to usher in the sunset of his career. And the Mavericks, a tighnit group of professionals, could savor entering the season as the top dogs.

The Bulls would just be hungry. Hungry to spit that taste of embarassing defeat from their mouths, hungry to show they still have the best defense in the league, show they were not a flash in the pan, that they don't need massive overhauls. Derrick Rose would be ready to ask "Why not me, again?" for MVP.

It would be a terrific matchup.

Jason Kidd's experience, bruising defense against Rose's blistering speed, which would require long stints from Caron Butler in help defense, along with every other Maverick between Rose and the rim, especially Tyson Chandler. We'd see a chess match between two of the best tacticians in the league in Rick Carlisle and Tom Thibodeau, as Thibodeau would seek to body and help on Dirk at every turn and Carlisle would seek to continue to do what the Mavericks did last season, punish teams for helping by burying them from deep, and collecting offensive rebounds for extra possessions. Joakim Noah vs. Tyson Chandler is some sort of future-present meet past-present. J.J. Barea (assuming he re-signed, along with Chandler), would be going at it with C.J. Watson. And Carlos Boozer, at least for some limited possessions, would be left on an island with the Finals MVP.

Oh, the fun we would have had.

It would have been such a great way to follow up from the most exciting season in over ten years, to embrace a team made up of stars of the past ten years who are in no way done versus a team of stars for the next ten years (plus Carlos Boozer) who are just getting started. It would have been fierce. It would have been fun to argue about who should get the shots in crunch time, whether Rose looks healed mentally and physically, whether the Mavericks really can make a run at a repeat.

Instead, American Airlines Center will be silent and dark Tuesday night. It is day 124 of the NBA lockout.
Posted on: October 26, 2011 5:04 pm
Edited on: October 26, 2011 10:30 pm

LeBron James, other stars bail on world tour

Posted by Ben Golliverlebron-james-uk

It sounded too good to be true, didn't it?

A full galaxy of NBA stars travelling the globe to bring basketball to all corners of the Earth during the biggest hoops drought in a decade?

As recently as a few hours ago, plans were reportedly all set for Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook and a host of other NBA stars to make a six-game tour that would have included stops in Puerto Rico, England and Australia.

Unfortunately, multiple reports broke on Wednesday afternoon that many of the biggest names would not actually be participating.

Although his name was mentioned by tour organizers, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that James "not only won't be part of NBA world tour but had never committed to [the] project in [the] first place." 

Shortly thereafter, ESPN.com reported that James, Anthony and Paul had all chosen not to participate. HoopsWorld.com then reminded everyone that Rose and Westbrook were recent scratches too.

I guess if you're going to fail, fail big.

Update: The Sun Sentinel reports Wednesday night that the world tour has been repackaged as a one-game exhibition in Puerto Rico, starring Bryant, Durant, Stoudemire, Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Diwght Howard, Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Love, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Carlos Boozer and Tyson Chandler.
Posted on: October 21, 2011 10:13 am

Derrick Rose passenger in car stopped for DUI

By Matt Moore

If it's a late night arrest story in the NBA, you know TMZ has it. This time it's Derrick Rose who was a passenger, but not involved in a DUI arrest late Thursday night/Friday morning: 
Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose strolled out of an LAPD station at 3:00 AM today ... after his BFF was arrested for DUI ... and Derrick was a passenger in the car.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ .... the 2011 NBA MVP was a passenger in a black BMW being driven by his close friend and personal assistant Randall Hampton ... when cops stopped the car on a routine traffic violation at around 2:00 AM Friday morning.

When cops spoke to Hampton -- who played junior college basketball with Rose in Texas -- officers claim they detected the odor of alcohol.

Hampton was given a field sobriety test ... and was eventually arrested on suspicion of DUI. Rose was free to go.
via 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose -- Passenger in DUI Arrest | TMZ.com.

It says a lot that my first thought was relief for Rose. "Oh, Rose was only a passenger in a car driven by someone legally intoxicated, he wasn't arrested."  Wait, that's not good, either. No word on whether Rose was intoxicated, but if he wasn't, why wouldn't he drive? But then, you know, that would actually make sense. 

Rose was never in custody so for the moment this is largely a non-story, but something of note for those keeping tabs on the MVP.  Gotta wonder how Thibs is going to take it when he hears. 
Posted on: October 12, 2011 3:02 pm

Young players to see appeal drop during lockout

Posted by Royce Young

Lost games do a lot of things. It ticks off fans and it loses money for both players and owners. But that's just the obvious stuff. Losing games has an underside that affect a number of different things. One being player appeal and marketability. Which if you weren't paying attention, is one way players make a hefty part of their income.

Via USA Today, the lockout has already had a pretty major impact on players' marketability and that's before games were even being missed.
It appears that established, veteran players are stable. The younger ones, however, are taking most of the hit from consumers. According to Henry Schafer, executive vice president of The Q Scores Company which measures consumer appeal of athletes and other personalities, the rating for Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, John Wall and Danny Granger dropped from an average of 21 in March to 14 last month. Dirk Nowitzki was the only NBA player with a better Q score (from 18 to 25 during the same span), a likely reflection of winning his first NBA title with the Dallas Mavericks. He also hasn't been active in the lockout.
And like I said, that's without even a single game being lost yet. That's just from a few dark summer months. So imagine what's to happen if the lockout starts dipping its toe into December, January or even more. What were once shining beacons of the league, players like Griffin, Kevin Durant, Rose and John Wall will see their profile drop dramatically.

Which is something the league thrives on. Whether the league wants to admit it or not, the NBA is a league of stars and right now it's in a great place in that department because there are 20 or so young players with a bunch of starpower. But set their profile and appeal back and not only have you hurt their endorsement opportunities, but you've always indirectly damaged the faces of the league.

Without games, people kind of just forget. Without Griffin's dunks highlighting SportsCenter, without slick Rose YouTube clips of him breaking ankles making the rounds all over the Internet, the casual fan will put their time, and money, into other things. The NBA has always taken a back seat to the NFL until February. You can only imagine how far that seat will be back if the NBA's not even playing games.

With lost games, there's a laundry list of ramifications. You know the league -- and the players -- know all about what's coming as a result. As David Stern said, enormous consequences.
Posted on: October 7, 2011 2:43 pm

Rose settled suit from Memphis boosters

By Matt Moore

So much for school pride. 

Two boosters threatened to sue John Calpari, Derrick Rose, and Memphis athletic directer R.C. Johnson on behalf of ticket owners. Rose and Calipari both agreed to settle the case out of court before the suit was filed.

From Gary Parrish at CBSSport.com, discussing reports from the Commercial Appealin Memphis:  
Nevermind that, according to university counsel Sheri Lipman, the complaint “had all sorts of holes in it." And nevermind that, according to common sense, any lawsuit would've almost certainly been dismissed. Calipari, Rose and Johnson still each opted to settle out of court. Calipari and Rose agreed to pay the attorneys a total of $100,000, and Calipari also agreed to donate the bonus he received for taking Memphis to the title game of the 2008 NCAA Tournament back to the school's Tiger Scholarship Fund. Johnson agreed to return the bonus he received that year, too.
via Memphians targeting D-Rose is dumb, shortsighted - CBSSports.com.

Rose continues to be a lightning rod for the discussion of student athletes, college amateurism, John Calipari's reputation, and oh, yes, the SAT's. It's just regrettable that a few bitter fans decided to punish Rose. He didn't make the system, neither did John Calipari. If we care that much, we should change it. But we don't care that much. We just care when it hurts us, like when Calipari jumps ship and doesn't wind up with the repercussions of his motives that Memphis fans were fine with provided he didn't get caught. 

Why would you want to alienate Derrick Rose? He can have the same effect that John Wall will have for Kentucky, that Jared Sullinger will have for Ohio State. It's an opportunity to help recruiting. The kids that might wind up going to Memphis won't remember that the wins were yanked. They'll remember him playing for Memphis before he was an MVP. It's petty, and self-harmful. Pretty impressive to be both.
Posted on: September 29, 2011 12:15 pm

Derrick Rose stars in bullfighting ring adidas ad

Posted by Ben Golliver

A good sneaker ad is reflective of a basketball player's identity, personality and game. It finds the sweet spot between doing too much by forcing things upon the player and doing too little by failing to distinguish him from the masses.

The latest offering from adidas basketball -- titled "The Bull" -- is about as good as sneaker commercials get without Michael Jordan being involved.

Designed to promote Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose's adiZero Rose 2 sneaker -- more information and pictures here -- the ad is set in a bullfighting ring in Spain. Anticipation builds as Rose, cast as a bull, enters the ring, just like he might enter the United Center, walking through a tunnel before greeting an enormous and anxious crowd. Rose slaps the ball, like a bull might stomp its feet, and bends over at the waist to survey his competition. A matador looks back at him and Rose accelerates forward, dribbling at full speed. He is chased by a matador's assistant who, in a nice touch, is dressed in green and white and looks like the Boston Celtics mascot. Action continues in slow motion and burst sequences as Rose executives spin moves, crossovers and the like, ducking under capes and around bullfighters, who seem an awful lot like defenders, before bursting into space and dunking with two hands on a basketball hoop that hadn't yet been revealed. Cue crowd reaction, and the tagline: "adidas is all in ... get more d rose."

Not only is Rose literally a bull here, but the ad is set to a high-energy beat and has zero words of dialogue, reflecting Rose's low-key presonality. And, of course, Rose's attack-first, ball-dominating, smooth yet powerful brand of basketball can't be missed here.

Watch the ad above courtesy of YouTube user adidasbasketball.
Posted on: September 27, 2011 8:09 pm
Edited on: September 27, 2011 8:13 pm

Report: Derrick Rose to consider overseas options

Posted by Ben Golliverderrick-rose

Consider this the second wave.

All summer, we heard from a number of big-name players who were not planning to play overseas during the lockout, probably because they assumed a deal would get done. Now that the start of training camp and the preseason have been postponed, it's time for everyone to reassess that stance.

At the top of the list: Chicago Bulls point guard and reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Rose is now open to considering the international route and that there is an offer on the table.
"Yes, I am taking into consideration that I might move overseas," the Chicago Bulls guard said. "I don't know where. There are a lot of great places overseas. I haven't really had time to get the details of every place."

Two sources close to Rose confirmed he has at least one concrete offer from an undisclosed foreign team and that preliminary discussions with several other teams have been held. One of those sources stressed that those opportunities only would be pursued if, first, regular-season games get canceled and, second, talks break down for an extended period.
Does a trip abroad make sense for Rose, who averaged 25.0 points, 7.7 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 1.0 steals and led the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2010-2011?

Well, it's not ludicrous, but it's still probably not the best idea.

Rose is set to make just under $7 million in 2011-2012 and is in line for a "mini maximum" contract extension once he completes his rookie deal. At 22, Rose has missed just four games during his 3-year NBA career.

In other words, he's still young enough, he doesn't face any larger-than-normal risk of injury and he doesn't have a huge amount of guaranteed money already committed to him. The only real risk here is jeopardizing his future earnings, which will be massive but won't be known until after the ongoing lockout is resolved.

This all boils down to whether it's worth sitting out a full season so as not to compromise a $70 or $80 million contract that will surely come down the pipeline? Honestly, his next contract is as good as guaranteed future income at this point. It's his money to lose. The Bulls will offer their franchise point guard the maximum allowable contract on the first day that it is legal. The best thing for Rose to do would be to work on his cardio and hole up in a padded house. The lockout is a bummer but the future for Rose's Bulls in Chicago, whenever it takes place, couldn't be brighter. 
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